So many business persons do not know the importance of advertisement on their businesses, so attaching business growth with advertising has not come off easily for them. As a business person/organization however, the first thing you do is to let people know what you are doing. This is probably why you place banners in front of your shops, telling people the dimensions of services your business offer.

Nevertheless, as internet marketers, we hold that if your business is not online, it is as good as your business does not exist. The simple reason is that there are many customers online who want/will want your services. You really want to study carefully how many persons passes the front of your shop everyday both pedestrain, persons on bikes, keke or vehicles. How many of them are your prospective customers?

Let us say you sell ladies’ wears, meaning of all those persons passing the front of your shop, only the female folks are your prospective customers. Even within the female folks, how many of them are interested in what you sell? So, you see? The customer base offline is very small.

The internet on the other hand is replete with prospective customers. Millions of persons go online everyday to get information. Why not bring your business closer to your customers? Yes, take your shop to them, don’t allow them stress themselves finding you.This is what we call REACH in marketing and it is the very essence of internet marketing.

Understanding and practicing internet business is one of my greatest gains ever. It has given me edge over my contemporaries and boost my business in no small measures. If you understand internet marketing well, people will think you sell with magic because it is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary/lay man

In fact, I look at people and wonder why won’t these people not understand how to put their businesses on the net?
Our platform gives you a very good opportunity to reach thousands of prospective customers online who actually need to know what you sell.

Our Platforms:
Facebook: Admissions and UTME Nig

Our adverts placement is also very cheap. Below are the various placement and cost implications:
1. Homepage Advert: N4,000/month
2. Post Advert: N4,000/month
3. Sidebar Advert: N5,000/month
4. Facebook Page Advert: N3,000/month
5. Yearly on any channel: N20,000

Cost of adverts becomes cheaper as months of subscription increases. In making an online advert, please, ensure that your products are valuable to the public. We want to assist you bring your products to the buying world. Make sure your banner(s) is/are captivating also, because online buyers spend less than 3 seconds viewing your advert. This increases to 5 seconds when the advert is more captivating.

To place your advert, call 08060699054 / 08050706635
Let us make your business grow!

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