document.documentElement.className = 'js'; Without Paying School Fees, "They Are Just Roaming About... They Are Not Students - VC : A & U Ng
  • School Fees payment supposed to close two weeks, with another two weeks grace into any first semester.
  • Students to apply for deferment of studies after a period of one month into any semester.

The Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State has noted that students whom may not have paid school fees and without any form of registration are not students but rather, just roaming about in the school environment. The VC who decried the level of students’ non-payments of school fees made it known that the school fees portal for returning students has been closed for the previous session hence, defaulting students should apply for deferment of studies through their heads of departments. This was made known yesterday by the VC in an NDU Radio 98.1FM interview.

The VC lamented that the school fees payment for the last session ended within the “weeks of last October and then after which you suspend your studies. But the School management still now allowed the situation until last week Friday. To tell you that there was an additional five months after when it ought to have been suspended and the University needs to keep their records straight”.

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“We also submit every year reports to the National Universities Commission as a university otherwise you face accreditational problems. Now where a student fails to pay their fees or maybe the students paid fees but fails to register, that is not a student yet. Before the University records, these students have voluntarily withdrawn, they know.”

List of Documents Required for Faculty File Opening

“If they look at their students handbook, its clear. In fact, the students handbook says ‘two weeks of resumption, if you resume, two weeks, you must have paid your fees, and done your registration, and where you fail to do that they will give you another two weeks, but you will pay another fees of late registration. If you are a returning students, you pay N4,000 as late registration. If you are a year one student, you pay extra N2,000 as late registration’. In other words, in a month into any academic session, if you have failed to pay and register, what you need do is simply to suspend your studies for that year.”

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“You say please, you write through your head of department to the Dean, that for so reasons, I would not be able to continue. You suspend your studies. The Dean will have to look at it at their Faculty board level, then we forward it to the Senate. Then the Senate will look at the situation and say that person, or that person’s request is approved. But the person will go. But for the full year he stays at home does his job, whatever he wants to do.”

“Then the following academic year, if he has got the money, he will come back then pay, that year that he has suspended his studies, he will not pay his fees. Because no services was rendered and so that person will not pay. But the new session that he/she has come into that he wants to continue, you now pay that one. So, what we have done is for the good of the students so as to have good records. Otherwise, they will graduate… they said they are students, they are not students, they are only roaming about. They have no records at all.”