• Introduction
  • Step One:
  • Step Two: Go to
  • Step Three:
  • Step Four: Back To
  • Step Five: JAMB Matriculation List
  • Step Six: Final Year Final Clearance Form
  • Step Seven: Exams and Records Office
  • Step Eight: Senate Office – Collection of Original Certificate
  • Step Nine: Students Affairs Office

Immediately after graduation, fresh graduates must follow certain process to ensure they are quickly mobilized for National Youth Service. The process starts from online with little offline consultations. It may take from three days-two weeks, depending on when your online profile is completely cleared.

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The Niger Delta University has now made graduate clearance stressfree as the process has now been online. This means that all those HOD, Dean, security, etc. signing, are no longer there. It also means that you will be at home and your clearance form is just being signed by the various offices. I think this is very commendable. This process not just minimize stress, it also reduces cost burden on students. Another area that students has applauded this online clearance for is the area of some officials trying to implicate students. Some officials may bore some students in mind because something happens. Now, they do not need to see the students again. They just sign and the student is off their hooks. If however, a students’ profile is hanging, the student can consult the relevant offices to see why such unit has not been cleared. See subtopics below to know the various units and who clears them.

Step One:

To start your online clearance, you have to first of all visit to process your convocation receipt. The following steps are needed to process your convocation receipt:

1. Login to

2. Click Sign in (Your sign in details are same details you used to pay your school fees online). If you are a cafe owner, ask the student for his/her login details.

3. Once signed in, hover around “pay fees”

4. Follow the dropdown menu to the bottom to where you will see convocation receipt.

5. Click it and follow the steps to make payment for the e-teller of N416 only

Always try to copy and save your transactions ID in case transactions were not acknowledged

6. After paying for the e-teller, scroll down to click where payment symbols are located to make the real payment of N26,500.

7. If the first attempt did not go through as in many cases, just repeat the process again. Go and try paying the e-teller again, the payment page will pop up again. Then this second attempt will go through.

Note: For any challenge in online payment, endeavour to beseech the Teesoft office, ETF building, Main Campus, Niger Delta University. Possible challenges may include making payment successfully but no receipt, error during payment, debited but payment not successful.

Step Two: Go to

After you must have successfully paid your convocation fee, the next thing to do is and login with your login details. Once logged in, proceed with the clearance immediately. The first and only payment to make here is N3,150. This is the clearance exact fee. Upon a successful payment, the portal will refer you to alumni website to pay up your alumni fees. After the alumni payment, you will still return here to continue the process. But for now, let us go straight to the alumni portal first.

Step Three:

Now in alumni website, you do not need to login as you did in the previous websites like and Here, you have to create an account. However, the process is very fast and short. Just click create account from the first login page. Enter your first name and other name and matriculation number with your email address and click “create”. Go to your email to get the one time password (otp) sent there. Right there, copy the otp and paste it in the relevant tab in the alumni website and click “create” again.

By then, your alumni account is ready. From there, follow the previous payment procedure and pay for an e-teller of N416 and the actual alumni fee payment of N3,200. Once successful, click print receipt. The receipt page will not be like that of ndufees receipt page. The page consist of a rectangle box with your relevant information. Click “print” to take you to the receipt page. Press control+p to print it like that in coloured. It must be in coloured.

Step Four: Back To

After you must have paid all the necessary fees, you go back to the clearance portal in to proceed. Insert your login details again and click login. Once logged in, continue with the clearance. You will need the following details:

1. Is your O’level result(s) WAEC or NECO?

2. Which year did you write your O’level exam?

3. Examination number (WAEC is ten digits while NECO is eight digits with two letters)

4. How many sittings? (1 or 2)?

5. Upload the Results

These are the only details needed to complete this page. Once done, click the bottom button to proceed. In the next page, you will see list of receipt numbers to upload. Every Niger Delta University receipt have a number. Those earlier (2017 backwards) offline receipts numbers are written at to top-right of each receipt in red while the online receipts are printed in same location but in black. The online receipt numbers are also longer than the offline receipt numbers. The following receipts numbers will be required in this final stage:

1. Matriculation gown receipt

2. Acceptance fees receipts

3. Year one school fees receipts

4. Year two school fees receipts

5. Year three school fees receipts

6. Year four school fees receipts, etc

Note 1: In the selection of any school fees receipt, always select the session correctly before you enter the school fees receipt number for that year.

Note 2: In some sessions, especially in this current graduating 2015/2016 academic session students, the acceptance fees is added to the 100 level school fees receipt. So, the same receipt number for acceptance will also be used/repeated for 100 level school fees in the portal.

Once you are done with the process, the final page will show you have successfully completed your clearance and take you to a page where you will see your passport with unit 1 pending. Later, you will see unit 1, unit 2, unit three and unit 4 and in some cases, unit 5 and even 6. All still pending. All these units will have to be cleared before you can do anything in the clearance process. Now, you just sit down at home and wait till it shows all units cleared.

You can keep on checking within the next two to three days to check on the progress of how many units have been cleared. You cannot make any move unless all units have been cleared. If after two weeks, all units or some units are still pending, then go to the Head of Department to complain.

Various Units In Niger Delta University Clearance And Who Is In Charge

The various units have some persons who are in charge of clearing them. The following are the available units and their officials

Unit 1: Heads of Departments

Unit 2: Deans of Faculties

Unit 3: Bursary

Unit 4: Library

Information from various sources indicates that despite some profiles are showing up to 6 units, in real sense, the units are supposed to end in unit 4.

Step Five: JAMB Matriculation List

While waiting for all the units to clear off, it is expedient for you print your JAMB matriculation list. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Login to

2. Insert your JAMB Matriculation Number and year of examination

3. Click search

4. Print out the page that shows “Congratulations” that your name is in the JAMB Matriculation list. This form will be submitted at the Dean of Students Affairs office.

Step Six: Final Year Final Clearance Form

After a while, say within three days to one week (this is the expected average time for final year clearance form to be ready after processing), your clearance form should be ready. You can get it by login into the portal you registered Just login to the portal and your form will pop up. If your form hasn’t popped up, it means the clearance process has not been completed.

Your clearance processing can delay if you are having a pending problem in any of the departments or relevant offices. However, after the form pops up in the clearance portal, your online clearance is as good as done. Remember that you do not need to click anything for your form to popup. When the form is ready, it just pops up upon successful login.

Step Seven: Exams and Records Office

After the clearance form appears, take it to the exams and records office for signing. You only need the clearance form for signing – no other supporting document is needed. Once it has been duly signed, the next step is Senate Office.

Step Eight: Senate Office – Collection of Original Certificate

This is where you have to apply for original certificate. There will be no need going deep into how to apply for original certificate here. To keep this publication short, kindly follow the links below to know how to apply for original certificate:

How To Collect Niger Delta University Original Certificate

How to Process NDU Convocation and Original Certificate Receipt

How To Write A Letter For Collection Of Original Certificate

Step Nine: Students Affairs Office

The students affairs office is the office in charge of enrolling NDU graduates for NYSC. To enroll, you will need to submit some documents. Kindly follow the link below to read all the necessary credentials needed at the Students Affairs Office. This is the final step in the whole clearance – NYSC process.

Graduates: Documents and Information Needed for NYSC Senate List Enrollment

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