Over the years, the Niger Delta University JAMB cutoff marks has been undulating (going up and down). The range has always differs according to a collaboration of NDU and JAMB policies. This publication is expected to help Jambites speculation a target score to attain in their upcoming JAMB examinations since cutoff marks will be released only after the examinations.

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From the onset, the Niger Delta University had often used 180 as its JAMB cutoff marks. This was when Universities like DELSU and UNIBEN were using 200. However, as time elapse, the cutoff behaviour started changing. Then, we had 170, 150 and 160. This means that the Niger Delta University cutoff marks has been within 150-180 .

JAMB Cut-Off Marks For All Universities

What Jambites must put in mind is the fact that in recent times, the Niger Delta University JAMB cutoff marks has been within 150 and 160. In 2018, the cutoff mark was 150. However, in 2019, the cutoff mark was upgraded to 160.

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So, this year, we speculate that based on recent cutoffs, the 2020/2021 NDU JAMB Cutoff mark will be around 170 down to 150. 170 is however on the highest side. This is becasue it has been up to four years that the NDU used 170 as cutoff mark. We would favour 160 and 150 more.

Despite the above, students must understand that high JAMB scores is the first basis for admission. Although issues like O’level results capacity abd Post UTME scores often comes up in calculating the aggregate score, JAMB score is of utmost concern and paramount. Accordingly, Jambites must try to score very high to outdo their colleagues. Yes, outdo your colleagues because admission “na” per head. No one admission can be shared.

So, what should you score in JAMB to be safe?

To be safe in securing your admission, various students vying for different courses will have different targets. This is because the Target of a medicine student wil not be he same with that of a political science student.

For students vying for Medicine, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science and some other related competitive courses, you had better score 250 and above. Having 250 and above is a very good advantage. But a score of 200 is on the lower side. If you are going for LAw and Medicine most especially and you scored below 200, please, just start adjusting your mindset from LAw or Medicine to other related courses. It is 95% impossible to get Law and Medicine with Jamb scores that are less than 200. (Note please that some students have been granted admission with such low scores into these courses. Although many of them are with special connections maybe with power from above).

But for those who are going for other less competitive courses like management science courses, education courses, social science courses, partially engineering courses, etc, any score above the yet to be stipulated cutoff mark will be ok.

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