Almost all payments made by students have their original receipts well kept for them in their NDU profile. Hence, it is very easy to reprint your acceptance fee receipt if you lost your original copy. To reprint your acceptance fee receipt for matriculation gown collection, the following steps are needed:

1. Login to

2. Click on signin

3. Insert your username and password. This is where many students are having problems. They do not know their login details. If you fall under this category, please, call the person who registered you during your clearance and request for your login details, otherwise, update your email address (To update your email in ndufees, scroll down).

4. Once logged in, hover around PENDING RECEIPTS

5. Click Acceptance Receipt

The popup window will display your receipt. Send to printer.

Note: If you do not have a printer, it would be unnecessary to do it yourself since you still have to use the services of a cafe to print it out. Therefore, it is still better to visit the cafe.

How To Update Your Email Address In NDUfees

Many students have lost their login details to access their documents online. When doing any registration, it is often advisable to use information that you use consistently except for bank details. This is to ensure you recall them when you need them most. To update your email address, use the following steps:

1. Visit

2. Click Update Email

3. Insert your Jamb/Matric Number.

4. Pay the stipulated fee via your bank card/details

5. Insert the new email you intend to use. Ensure you have access to this new email. Login successfully before you use it because you are getting a one time password there.

6. Go to your email to get the one time password and insert it in this current page and insert your new password twice.

7. You have been successfully logged in with your new details.

Please, keep these new login details well as you will use them till final year. The login username is the new email you just used and the password is the one you just inserted.