Many persons have mistaken a recommendation letter for an attestation letter. In most places, recommendation letters and attestation letters are used interchangeably without issues. However, it would be nice to know the different to help students do the right thing when they are demanded to do something. In this publication, you will be able to identify what a recommendation letter is and to differentiate it from attestation letter.

What Is A Recommendation Letter

As the name implies, a recommendation letter recommends a person for a position, office, job, etc. The aim of a recommendation letter is to state that a person is (already) fit for a privilege or opportunity based on existing qualities possessed by the person being recommended. A recommendation letter is a document where the person recommending assesses the qualifications, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual’s ability to perform a particular task

Letters of Recommendation As Defined By Shaun

A letter of recommendation is one that is specifically requested about someone, and therefore is always specifically addressed to a particular requestor. Generally speaking, letters of recommendation are usually employment-related, or college program admission and/or scholarship related.

Typical letters of recommendation are:

  • Employment-related recommendation letter
  • College admission recommendation letter
  • Commendation or recognition letter
  • Performance evaluation letter

 Who Write A Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation Letter can be written by a host of persons known by the one in need of such a document. Unless otherwise expressly stated, a recommendation letter can be written by a professor, previous employer, teacher, client, colleague or by someone else who can recommend an individual’s work or academic performance. A recommendation letter can also be written by a king, Community Development Committee (CDC) for the purpose of identifying a person as originating from a community and recommending his/her services To Whom It May Concern.

Purpose of Writing A Recommendation Letter

The goal of writing a recommendation letter is to vouch for the achievements, skills and aptitude of the person being recommended. It is believed that the employer does not know the level of competence of the applicant. Even with an interview session, not all the needed qualities of an applicant can be known all at once, hence, it is imperative that a person of integrity who knows the applicants qualities is beseeches to recommend.

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