The date for the Niger Delta University 19th Matriculation Event will soon be released and all freshers has been asking where and how to collect their matriculation gown. In earlier matriculations, the matriculation gown receipt of N3,000 was used to collect matriculation gowns at the Faculty level. However, there seemed to be some changes this session.

Matriculation Day Event: Implications for the Parenting Community

Currently, various offices has confirmed that to collect the matriculation gown, you will need to use your acceptance fee receipt of N40,000. It was confirmed that the acceptance fees receipt consist of acceptance fee of N30,000 and matriculation fee of N10,000 totaling N40,000.

What to know about your Matric Gown Once Under Your Care

However, many students are confused as some has already paid N4,500 to their agents to process the matriculation fees. What is obtainable now is refunds as only the acceptance receipts will be used for the collection of matriculation gown

Can you Matriculate Without Paying School Fees?

Previously, we made a post concerning the disadvantages of paying school fees late. However, we did not list matriculation as part of the negative effects. Non-payment/late payment of school fees does no affect participating in the matriculation activities. In fact, the Faculty officials do not request for school fees receipts as in other cases to grant you matriculation gowns. It is best however, for students nurturing this fear to reach the Faculty to make all necessary inquiries.

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