What Happens When You Pay Your School Fees Late?

In any new session, many students often anticipate the payment of their school fees. While many students may have the money and pay on time, others may be grappling with lack of funds or economic downturn and finding it hard to pay their fees. There are however, certain consequences when you pay your school fees late. Below is a list of disadvantages of late payment of school fees:

1. Inability to check results

In NDU, if you fail to pay up your fees before results are released, you will not be able to check/see your results. The NDU systems are set up in a way that school fees is paramount in processing results in the result checking portal – https://www.ndu-eface.edu.ng/

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2. Inability to Register Courses

In Niger Delta University, you have to pay school fees first before you register your courses. School fees payment and course enrollment e-pin generation are done in ndufees.com. Once you get the e-pin, you go to https://www.ndu-eface.edu.ng/ to continue processing the course enrollment. After course enrollment before you can check your results.

3. Inability to Know Your Carryover/Failed Courses

This is probably one of the foremost reasons why you must pay up your school fees in time. If you are unable to see your results in the previous session, you will not know that you have a carryover and thus, have to write it again. This often happens to students owing school fees for two side-by-side sessions. This may lead to extra year if not rectified on time. Because by the time they pay the fees in upper levels and check their results, they discovered they had a carryover that they did not sit for in the next upper level. Meanwhile, they are already 3 levels ahead. This is even more difficult With Engineering and Medical students who are required to pass certain courses before they move on to the next level.

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4. File Opening

In most cases, various Departments do not allow students to open files without paying school fees. Meanwhile, you are not a student if you have not open your file. In 2018, we set out to the Faculty of Education, Niger Delta University to access the number of students in the Faculty from 100 level to 400 level for a research purpose. After approval from the Dean, the Faculty Officer (FO) gave us some documents which in our understanding does not tally with the number of admitted students. Upon inquiry, the FO noted that not all admitted students comes to open files. And until they come to open files with the faculty, the Faculty do not know them. So, this is a major challenge. It can be translated that a 100 level student who have not paid school fees is yet to be a bonafide student of the university.

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5. No Matriculation Number

So, without matriculation number, how can you say you are a student? This is a major challenge. Students who have not paid up their school fees in 100 level are unable to get their matriculation numbers. Matriculation numbers are given after opening of files and not on matriculation days. It is after you have created your file with the school that you can get your matriculation numbers.

6. No Medical Records

At the sick bay of the university, students are required to visit for medical checkup to know the physical fitness of all students to study. The requirement to register in the sick bay consist of school fees payment receipts. So, another wahala for dead body. Please pay up even as times are hard.

7. Cannot Do Transfer

Of course, you cannot be thinking of doing transfer to another school, faculty, department or course when you are owing in the current programme. Part of the requirements for transfer is that you must not be in debt in any area like courses and this extends to fees. So, the transfer application portal will not allow you to process the form if it performs handshake with your profile and comes back with reports that there is a debt in your ndufees profile.

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8. Possibility of Not Writing Exams

There have been reports in some quarters that students were not allowed to write exams without school fees payment. Specifically, the predigree office do NOT allow students owing school fees to write examinations nor do their thumb print. Although this is NOT a general trend in the NDU, it is however, expedient that you pay up all fees to be on a safe ground.

9. No Graduate clearance

When you are owing school fees even for one session, as a new graduate, you cannot engage in the clearance procedure because all the school fees receipt from 100 level till final year are used in the clearance process.

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10. No Certificate/Transcripts

It will be impossible to talk of certificates and transcripts when you have not paid up your fees.

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Non-payment of school fees also affects the use of free WiFi (Astramix) amongst others. Despite the above, it is important to note that non-payment of school fees does not affect attending lectures, engaging in sports activities and writing of examinations in some cases (refer to number 8 above).