The Bayelsa State government did not reduce students’ school fees on 1st of April, 2020. What was circulated was for April Fools Day.


Was NDU School Fees Reduced?


Was Niger Delta University School Fees Reduced by Douye Diri?


Previously, the electoral outcome of the Bayelsa State November elections had turned NDU students’ hopes up, anticipating that the change in government will favour the reduction of school fees. From 2017 till date, there has been stiff and unsettled argument about the NDU school fees structure with students/parents arguing there was an increment on one part and management stating there is no increment on the other part. Very largely, this argument has been ongoing and unsettled till date and the best approach that has ushered in peace between both sides has been “letting go” – probably as the school has developed so well within the said period.

Since the previous government has done nothing about students’ cry for a reduced school fees (even as it was purportedly not increased), students were expecting that the new government will hacken to the cry of the masses and reduce the fees as many are yet to pay, hence, many students who already have their full school fees held it back. Even parents who are following the Bayelsa/NDU story both far and wide held their fees expecting a reduction in their ward’s school fees. However, since the twist of events in the court case upholding Sen. Douye Diri’s candidacy, the story has turned sour as many now have to pay up the current fees. Unfortunately, many parents/students has already used up the fees.

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Before the election outcome, many parents had called to know the state of events in the Niger Delta University, calculating whether a change of government will make reduction of fees possible. We had earlier advised that the best way to handle this type of case is to pay up whatever current fees students are paying. However, if at all there is a reduction, management have a way of converting the new excess to the next session fees or to any other fees any student wants to pay.

In previous cases, some students who paid school fees in excess as a result of misinformation had applied to the office of the Vice Chancellor to add the excess of previous school fees to the current fees. So, such student only have to pay  up the balance. So, those who thought there would be decrease in school fees for the 2019/2020 academic session ought to have made the current payment and if there is any excess later, such excess would have been added to the next session fees. Many did not see this but preferred to wait. Now the money has been expended for other expenditures.

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Ordinarily, (all things being equal), if there was any possible reduction of fees, such reduction MAY have reflected in the next session (2020/2021) and not in this current session. So even the wait would have been in vain. All previous attempts to get some clients paying were abortive as they held on to their beliefs. You know? When there is reduction, there will be little pocket money. Now you understand the gist. Lols. While daddy is paying Dickson’s school fees, Amaka would have been paying Lyon’s school fees in school (Pocket money oye!).

As a result of the wait, many parents and students have already used up their school fees and efforts to raise the money back now has not yielded any fruits. This is the current miasma that many have found themselves. Meanwhile, many students are still owing previous sessions school fees; adding this current session even makes things compounded.

What Can Be Done Now

Our next publication will focus on how you can pay up your fees in bits if having the whole fees once is becoming difficult for you. However, we shall lift some text therefrom and publish here. If getting your full school fees as a result of current circumstances surrounding you is becoming impossible, try as much as possible to pay up little by little. Granted, NDU does not accept half payment, but the portal do accept half payment and sum all together to give you receipt when you pay up the final part. This means that if you make half payment, you will not get a receipt but an e-teller stating that you made a specific payment. This can help you a lot as it has helped many. The major thing here is that many parents’ salaries are not up to the full school fees… so, removing part of your salary monthly to pay part school fees is very good for you since you may not be able to gather the money yourself without using it. So, the idea is to remove it from your control. Before three months (which is within a semester, you must have paid the fees up already. This will be the focus of our future publication.


The Bayelsa governorship election has come and gone. All hopes of school fees reduction are gone unless otherwise God touches His Excellency, Governor Douye Diri to do something about it. Therefore, all students who already have their fees should endeavour to pay up to avoid further usage of their school fees. Keeping school fees under student’s possession could be very tempting. A student automatically feels very rich when his account hits a hundred thousand. What do you expect? Buying spree may kickoff. Even those who have financial understanding may be tempted to use the fees within the little time they hold it if issues like ill health comes up. Of course health before education. So, if you need a trusted centre to pay all your NDU fees, kindly reach us though our office lines 08060699054 / 08050706635.


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