“Yesterday, I received a text message that I have been granted admission. Should I accept it since examination is just three weeks away?”


NDU Newly Admitted Student

It is very possible that you can accept your admission few weeks to examination and still do well. Though it is not your fault that the admission came late, the responsibility is yours to make things happen. The major reason why you should accept the admission against all odds (if you like the course) is the question of “how sure are you that you will be granted admission the next session?”

Owing to the above, it is very important you accept the admission and try the following tips to help you scale through:

1. Get your acceptance/clearance fee of N40,000/N16,000 (total of N56,000). Come to our office and deposit all necessary documents, information and payments. There is also another set of charges of N22,500. If all are available, pay all at once as time is far spent. However, if payment will be an issue, then start from item 2 below.

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2. Focus on your classes while updating your notes: While we are processing your documents, the best thing to do when your admission comes late is to go to your classes, meet your colleagues, take their notes and photocopy. Do not use handwritten copy since it will take more time. Photocopy all notes and go home to transfer the information photocopied inside your main note. This process of transferring the information will help you a great deal since you are also reading the information as you transfer.

3. Do not miss any class

4. Start making short notes in your own understanding from the ones you copied. Short notes are taken with points, and each point or short sentence you take helps you understand a whole idea. A whole note can be summarized in one page with very small writings. Then, once it is exam time, it is this note that you read. Not the whole notebook again (please, do not be tempted to take the small notes you made inside exam hall. It will implicate you. Anything you do not know, you fail it honourably and register the course again).

5. Night classes/reading now is a must. If students that resumed four months ago (this session started November 8th) have been attending night classes, then you know that you too must attend and be serious with it now.

6. If finance does not constitute any hindrance, attempt to purchase all recommended texts from your lecturers (if any). Where there is none, then stay glued to class notes/materials

7. Talk to all your lecturers: If your admission come very late, you must have missed some CAs (CAs means conitinuous assessments). The lecturers are aware of the situation, hence, if you meet them and appeal to them, they are in the best position to tell you what to do. Meeting your lecturers as a fresher will be a very daunting task for you, but you’ve got no other option. You must try to meet them or tell a friend who is already familiar with them to take you round. They may create an opportunity for you to get your CAs. It is also very possible to write to your Vice Chancellor if you are having any challenges in this regard.

Freshers: How to Write a Letter to the Vice Chancellor

8. Try to be smart: At this hour, no more dulling. Even if you hear that matriculation is coming, do not be carried away, stay focused.

9. Try to find students who are serious: As it stands, you do not need any bad friend at all. They will help you waste your time. You must be conscious of the fact that you do not have much time. So, stay focused.

10. Success is yours: If you strive, you shall attain. Do not stay at home. Give it a shot.

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What if after all said and done, you still feel you cannot meet up? Then deferment of admission is the next option. Click the link below to learn more about how to defer your admission.

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