To enroll for NYSC with your university, prospective National Youth Service Corps members are expected to submit their credentials to enable the school send the list for available graduates to the NYSC office. The registration is often done with the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs in most universities or any other office designated by the school authority to handle such task.

How to Check NYSC Senate List

Note that before a graduate can apply for the NYSC enrollment with the University designated office, such graduate must have completed his/her clearance process and have gotten original certificate. However, for older graduates whom have not collected their certificates, they are allowed to submit their statement of results.

Below are some of the details needed for the enrollment.

  1. Original Certificate
  2. JAMB Admission Letter
  3. Printout of Jamb matriculation status
  4. Write the following information behind your JAMB Admission Letter correctly:

a. Date of birth
b. Jamb registration number
Marital status
e. State of origin
f. Matriculation number
Full name in the following order
(i) First Name
(ii) Middle Name
(iii) Surname
Phone number
i.  The y
ear you wrote JAMB examinations (If your JAMB registration number starts with ‘4’, it means you wrote JAMB in 2014. Same goes for ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’..etc)

Universities who are unable to submit names of graduates to the NYSC office on time are often shifted to the next batch or stream. Hence, students are advised to get their university clearance done in time to ensure their names are sent on time.