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Several factors determine the amount of fees a student is to pay as tuition/school fees in the Niger Delta University. These factors are:

  1. State of Origin
  2. Programme of study, and
  3. Level

1. State of Origin (Indigenes and Non-Indigenes)

State of origin refers to any of the 36 States in Nigeria your parents came from. Mostly, a father’s state of origin is used to determine the origin of a child. However, because of indigenous benefits accruing to being an indigene, a student can use his/her mother’s origin to gain admission into a university if it is located in the maternal home State. This is legal.

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So, here it is. In the Niger Delta University, Bayelsans are the only persons under the institution’s catchment area and so, they do not pay tuition fees of N50,000. So, in general, Bayelsan’s school fees is always lower than those from outside States with N50,000. So, State of origin is a major determinant of school fees payment in the Niger Delta University.

Example: Biochemistry Student

Indigene: N110,000
Non-Indigene N160,000

2. Programme of study

The type of programme you study is another determinant of your school fees. For instance, those studying Medicine do not pay the same fees with those studying Philosophy. This is probably due in part to the nature of programme and activities carried out in such programmes. Below are the programme divisions of school fees in Niger Delta University:

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Faculties of:

  1. Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)
  2. Clinical Sciences
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Nursing

Non-Indigenes: These Faculties pays the same school fees. 100 level and Direct Entry students pays N200,000 while 200 level students and Direct Entry students in 300 level and above pays 170,000.

Indigenes: Bayelsans pays N150,000 as freshers and pays N120,000 as returning students

Faculty of:

  1. Law

Non-Indigenes pays N180,000 as freshers and N130,000 as returning students. Meanwhile, Bayelsans pays N130,000 as freshers and pays N100,000 as returning students.

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Faculties of:

  1. Engineering
  2. Environmental Sciences

Engineering and Environmental Sciences Non-Indigenes pays N170,000 as freshers and N140,000 as returning students. Meanwhile, Bayelsans pays N120,000 as freshers and N90,000 as returning students

 Faculties of:

  • Management Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Science
  • Mass Communication

Non-Indigenes from the above listed faculties pays N160,000 as freshers and N130,000 as returning students while Bayelsans (indigenes) pays N110,000 as freshers and N80,000 as returning students.

 3. Level

As already seen in No. 2 above, level of study can also affect a student’s school fees. Before this time, the school fees drops as you go higher till you land in final year. However, as at the 2019/2020 academic session, the school fees only drops by N30,000 in 200 level and in 300 level for direct entry students. From the next upper level till graduation, you pay the same fees you paid in 200 level. Direct Entry students will pay the same fees they paid in 300 level till they graduate.

For more information, kingly download the school fees schedule at: and for Environmental Sciences

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