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As pressure to know The NDU 18th Matriculation date from prospective matriculants, parents and sponsors continues to mount on the management team, the office of the Public Relations Office, Niger Delta University has claimed that there is no confirmed matriculation date for the time being.

The PRO, Mr. Ingezi Idoni who noted that although there has been information that matriculation will be second week of February (which is the rumoured 15th February), such date was not published by the management and has not been confirmed by his office.

On whether the 15th of February can still hold, the PRO through a phone call today at about 3:55pm noted that since there is no information from management on that, it would be difficult to speculate. Rather, by Monday, “I will make all necessary information available to clear the air” the PRO said.

The PRO urged all concerned to be calm as management will soon release a convenient date for the matriculation.

In a related development, parents has been calling to know how much to pay for the matriculation (as some students may have been charging their parents their personal matriculation fees). There has been rumours that the acceptance fee receipt will be used to take matriculation gowns and there will be no other charges.

Before now, matriculation gown receipt used to cost N3,000 in receipt with processing fee of N1,500 making it a total of N4,500. However, in this current session, matriculation fees has been added to acceptance receipt, hence, the same acceptance receipt contains matriculation fees which is speculated to be the receipt to be used to take matriculation gowns at the respective Faculties.

Whatever the case may be, it is expedient to wait on management to release its matriculation bulletin which will contain all modalities for the event.

For further information on the matriculation, it is better to visit relevant offices to get confirmed information as many unverified reports are being rumoured.