Many freshers are seldom aware that there are more courses enrollments in Niger Delta University than the General Courses Enrollment. Some students are only aware whence time for examination is imminent.

Many parents too have called to make inquiries with the mindset that their children want to turn them to “Alhaji bringy bringy” as their own courses enrollment is never ending. Not being aware of all the necessary courses enrollment have negative implications for students especially the freshers as a student MAY not be able to write his/her computer-based examinations.

What is NDU Course Enrollment

In the case of the Niger Delta University and Universities in a general sense, courses enrollment refers to the process of registering all the courses offered by a student in a particular session. The registration process records all the courses from first to second semester.

Before now, the registration process used to be manual where students are expected to visit their respective Faculties and collect course enrollment forms and course cards that contain information of each course. However, the Niger Delta University has now digitalized the process where students carry out their courses enrollment online in The online course enrollment allows students to create personal profiles from where they process the courses enrollment.

Types of NDU Courses Enrollment

There are three types of courses enrollments in the Niger Delta University. They are as discussed below:

General Courses Enrollment: This course enrollment was/is the original one being done from the beginning before the advent of GST and Science courses enrollment. This course enrollment takes into its records all courses offered by a student. All students from 100 level to final year do this type of course enrollment and it is done online in The NDU charge for course enrollment is N2,600 for 100 level and N1,040 for 200 level and above. However, at the café level, the cost is N4,000 for 100 level and N2,000 for 200 level and above. The cost differentials is as a result of café and internet charges.

General Studies Unit (GST) Courses Enrollment: The GST unit also conducts their own courses enrollment to enable students write computer-based examinations.

These courses have already been registered along with the General Course Enrollment but because of computerized examinations, certain courses have to be registered for computer examinations purposes.

Failure to register GST courses means that there would be no chance to write the computer-based GST examinations unless the school management gives a grace for manual writing as cases have shown.

Unlike the general course enrollment with static charges, the GST courses enrollment cost will depends on the number of GST courses a student offers. Hence, a student offering three GST courses is bound to pay higher than a student offering just one GST course in a given year. Some students have claimed paying up to N3,500 for only GST courses enrollment.

The case may be different with other students as number of courses offered varies. Reports from students indicated that profile creation is N800 on its own, then a student is to be charged extra N200 for each GST course offered.

This is to say a student offering two GST courses will pay N800 and N400, totaling N1,200. Students are expected to keep their GST online printout forms because the printout is used to access the CBT examination hall.

The form can also be reprinted online if a student lost his/her form. The only office that registers GST courses is the GST Unit office, Shopping Complex, directly opposite Lecture Theatre Blocks, Main Campus. After the General and GST course enrollment, the next type of course enrollment is the CBT/Science Courses enrollment.

Is NDU Course Enrolment Compulsory?

Yes. NDU course enrolment is compulsory. If you do not do your course enrolment, you cannot open Faculty file. And if you haven’t opened Faculty file you are not a student yet.

Want to register your courses? Call 08180798832

CBT/Science Courses Enrollment: The last type of course enrollment registered in the Niger Delta University is the CBT/Science Courses enrollment. Students always use the term CBT because the CBT centre takes responsibility for the registration.

This courses enrollment registers all science courses like PHY, MTH, BIO, CHM, etc. Like the GST courses enrollment, the Science courses enrollment also enables students write science courses with the computer.

The Vice Chancellor, in his speech during the students award concert revealed that it was as a result of too many complaints about missing scripts that made his administration takes these courses online. Of course, the computer doesn’t give missing scripts.

So, let us use the computer to write these courses and see where missing scripts are coming from.

“How can a student who signed the attendance sheet for an exam have missing script?” p. 21

This is the notion behind the two added courses enrollment (the GST and the Science courses enrollment). The science courses also have their own cost implications. Students who have registered claimed the cost is same with that of the GST above where you pay N800 for profile creation and N200 for each science course.

Any student who wants to register must visit the respective offices for further inquiries. The Science courses enrollment is done only in the CBT office, upstairs, Access Bank, Amassoma.

Do you know?

Course enrollment and course registration is the same thing.

The NDU no longer use course cards again.

The GENERAL course enrollment forms from 100 level to final year are used for final year clearance, hence, you must keep copies for all levels in your files (GST and CBT enrollments forms are not included here).

The online printout of the general course enrollment must be signed by the respective officers indicated underneath.

The form can be reprinted at any time without a cost except for café service charge.