Over the years, students have suffered tremendously for lack of steady power/electricity supply which has in no small measure impacted negatively on their overall academic performance. The Amassoma electricity situation is a clear case study of how students suffer from inadequate power supply.

The availability of constant electricity for students will be of good value to the students’ community as it enables students read all night long without having to buy fuel or suffering for other high cost electricity means. In Amassoma however, having regular power supply will mean added individual efforts which may be outside the means of many students. Students often buy generator and buy fuel of N500 and above daily to meet up with daily electricity needs/consumption.

Although students in the school hostel enjoy steady electricity, those outside school hostel pay a fortune monthly to enjoy same. Hence, the author suggests the use of solar system for students who desire steady power supply.

Use of Solar System for Students

There are various types of solar system. For the past year, the author has been using the Lumos (MTN) solar system and it is best for students’ conditions. It is better to daily usage of generator. It is environmentally friendly without disturbing noise like the generator.

The Lumos solar system is efficient and good enough for any student in school. As at the time of this publication, the Lumos solar is sold for N24,000. This fee consists of the fixing/installation cost that a student does not need to pay any additional fee(s) to get it installed. Additionally, the component includes the solar panel and the solar box.

It should be understood that a monthly subscription fee of N 4,500 is paid through the MTN line used to register the product. A user is expected to pay for a period of 1,900 days or 5 years to enable him own the product fully. During this period, the product is under full warrantee. Any parts that got bad as a result of product defects during normal usage is replaced by MTN. So even as a student, you only got to pay N4,500 monthly instead of everyday fuel consumption. If you multiply your N500 daily fuel usage by 30 days, you will realize you have spent well over N15,000 or so. This is way pretty cool.

To purchase the Lumos solar, you must purchase directly from an MTN office. This is to avoid middlemen activities which may escalate the cost of purchase. MTN also gives you N3,000 recharge card to subscribe for the first month after which you will start subscription on your own.

For more information and possible purchase, you can contact us on 08060699054 or 08050706635 to direct you straight to the available point of purchase. Based on recommendations from us, MTN staff can bring the solar to your house, install, test and complete the process as you make instant payment of N24,000. Please, note that all expenses that will facilitate the installation are to be borne by you. Expenses like ladder hiring, and any other expenses emanating from difficulty installing the solar panel (there may be none though).

Solar system is good for you! Try it now!

For additional information on product capacity, specification and maintenance, call: 08060699054, 08050706635