We realized that over the years, many university applicants sought for admission to a particular course of study with the wrong requirements. Their hope is that “God go do am”. You see, we have processes here. So, there are some things you should not
even bring God in even when we know he can do it. Sure God wants you to meet up with the requirements too, right?

Again, some other persons find themselves in this predicament when their course of study is changed. You sought for Agriculture, the university changed your course of study to Biochemistry, and maybe their o’level subject requirements differs.

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We therefore, find this information very timely now to disseminate because right now, many students granted admission who are now doing verification in their respective institutions are going back to jamb to regularize their admission after the verification officer found that
their o’level subjects do not match the requirements to be admitted to such course. Some of them are therefore, redirected into another field of endeavor.

Please, keep this material so that for those whose courses will be changed, you just have to refer to this paper and check your o’level requirements whether your o’level subjects matches with the new course. Just as they said, “know your way no be curse”. Know your
requirements now is not a bad thing at all. It will help you to be properly guided.

Scroll to your faculty area and search for your course of study. The o’level requirements are next in tab to the courses, then, the post UTME expected courses to write.

Goodluck as you read on. Please, share this paper to your colleagues to enable them know
their stand.

We will continue to make ourselves useful until you are admitted.
Many thanks
Admissions and UTME Nig.
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