Over the years, students especially freshmen has been wondering which type of accommodation to take in school. This pub is intended to explore the situation in Amassoma and to give suggestions to students and parents based on individual circumstances.

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As a fresher, immediately after accepting your admission, the next thing you look into is where to stay. We have in the past published on the best type of accommodation between hostel and off campus. Click on the link to know more about both hostels and off campus to aid your decision. However, if you have already chosen to stay off campus, the following information will guide you select what suits you.

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Nature of Single Room

A single room in the Amassoma context is a one space apartment that usually consist of only the room to live in, outside/public toilet and bathroom with no kitchen. The single room setup is usually 12×12 but in Amassoma, you will expect to see less because of space management. Landlords in Amassoma often want to use one stone to kill two birds hence, spaces are managed to occupy more apartments. Therefore, a single room of 12×12 may be reduced to even 9×9 or less. Although there are apartments still as large as 12×12, such apartments are scarce. Students who rent single room often set up their kitchen beside their apartment – often located at the outside corner of their room. Most single room dwellers may construct a stove box where they keep their gas/stove and other kitchen utensils.

Advantages of Single Room

  1. Cost: At least, one of the primary reasons why students rent single room is basically because it is cheap when compared to a self contain apartment. In Amassoma, a single room goes for an average of N50,000. Although you can get the one of N30,000 and N40,000, the location and hygiene nature of such apartment is often not recommendable. If you are however, looking for a single room in Amassoma, it is better to look for the one of N50,000 and N60,000. If the money is too high to pay, you can merge with a roommate and pay N25,000 or as the rent may cost.
  2. Manageability: You see? Because it is just a single room, you have less to spend. If in case you want to paint, the cost and amount of paint to use will not be the same with a person who also have to paint kitchen and toilet. Moreover, when it comes to fittings and fixtures like lights bulbs, curtains, etc. you will also spend less than those in self contain.

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Disadvantages of Single Room

  1. Security: Most single rooms are often in face-me-I-face-you structures, hence, there is no private protectors/burglaries like you may see in self contains. It is very hard in Amassoma to see a single room having such features as security setup like front corridor burglary – something that is very important in Amassoma as it helps protect against thieves.
  2. Public toilets/bathrooms: The ladies wouldn’t really need this. Public toilet is a bad idea for the ladies. At least, the guys can manage. Public toilets are prone to diseases, hence it is a major setback for single rooms. At night, even when there is security threats, you still have to find your way outside to urinate or so. This is very disadvantageous.
  3. Outside kitchen: Since you have to cook outside, it is very possible to expose your food to any possible hazards from the environment and neighbors.
  4. The list of disadvantages can go on and on.

Nature of Self-Contain

Self contain in Amassoma often refers to one single room with added features like toilet, bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom and toilet often shares the same space while the kitchen is separated. The room may be a big as 12×12 with the added feature. But in other situation, the features may be part of the 12×12 size. Hence, the room may be smaller. A self contain also have other added spaces like front and back corridors with burglary well installed.

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Advantages of Self-Contain

  1. Security: Self contains are more secured since they have independent security settings. Although in some hostels, the self contains may be built like face-face, thereby playing down on the individual burglary, many other self contains are built to such specification.
  2. Private toilets: With an added advantage of a private toilet, you can wash your toilet to your specification and it remains like that till you come back unlike in the public toilet where after washing, you come back from classes and the whole place has been messed up. so, if you are the cleaning type, you will find yourself always washing and they are always using. This may lead to unaccounted mental breakdown for those using public toilet.
  3. Private kitchen: Since you are on your own, you can configure your kitchen to your taste with cupboards and drawers to keep your food safe.
  4. More peaceful: Since you have all you need inside house, there is bound to be less interaction with neighbors as to the co-use of facilities together which breeds arguments.

Disadvantages of Self-Contain

  1. More Expensive: Nothing good comes easily. Hence, self contains are more expensive. In Amassoma, they cost between N70,000 to N180,000 depending on where your conscience carry.
  2. Attracts more expenses: Where you have to carry out fittings, repairs and maintenance, you will be spending more as you have more space to cater for.

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