The management and entire staff of Admissions and UTME Nigeria sincerely appreciates the Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University, Professor Samuel G. Edoumiekumo and his team of administrators for his administrative efficiency which have resulted to our business growth over the last profitable year.

To a very large extent, it has become very “visible to the blind” and “audible to the deaf” that the VC’s administrative style have turned the institution under his watch around for the better. This is also same for businesses which are thriving as a result of undisrupted and ongoing academic sessions.

Source: NDU 2019 Thanksgiving Pamphlet, p.4

It is on record however, that in the recent past, most café/business owners in Amassoma like us survive mostly on typing and printing – a source of income that does not guarantee a good personal living and business sustenance, hence, many businesses in the past has been setup but liquidated because of unfavourable business conditions. However, with the internet inclusion of the current administration along with other online friendly policies of the Samuel’s administration, students’ patronage of café centres skyrocketed and brought in more profit that café/business owners would not have imagined.

Today, it is now very easy for a student to learn and earn as just mere mobile phone can do all the academic transactions permitted by the institution.

In our ongoing study on administrative style and business growth, we discovered that the number and most importantly, the quality of new business set-up in Amassoma within the past two years far outweighs the growth within the past decade (i.e. from 2008-2017). Today in Amassoma, unlike before, you see quality restaurant with tasty meals, old businesses expanding their coasts amidst other newly petty setup trades. All these are outside the developments the school has witnessed in recent past.

The Niger Delta University 3rd Annual Thanksgiving pamphlet (p.14-16) contained the score card of the Vice Chancellor who assumed office from May, 2017 till date. Amongst others, the VC introduced:

  1. CCTV to support the school security system
  2. NDU water, bread, paint and other products in commercial quantity.
  3. Internet payment of all NDU fees including school fees and online checking of results
  4. Astramix free Wifi
  5. E-voting system
  6. Improved IGR
  7. University publishing unit
  8. Computer based examinations
  9. Increased students intake from 3,500 to 7,600
  10. Facilitation of new programmes and faculties
  11. Campus lights that illuminated the campus all night long
  12. Overwhelming construction of university infrastructural facilities including the main campus auditorium
  13. University demonstration school
  14. NDU 98.1 FM
  15. Timely academic calendar
  16. Facilitated quality road constructions across campuses among other numerous achievements (for the detailed list, see NDU 3rd Thanksgiving pamphlet, p.14-16).

It is envisaged that with the current rate of academic pace, continuous business growth, timely graduation, better learning environment will be experienced in the next foreseeable session/year.

Thank you Vice Chancellor
Long Live NDU!

The A & U Team.