There is a popular saying that says “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. This is perhaps one axiomatic truth when it comes to friends university students makes. This article is therefore, written to help freshers identify and choose their friends within university communities.

Your friend can either make you or break you. As a fresher, 100 level is very essential. Believe it or not, 100 level set the pace for your academic standing. It is the foundation upon which your final result will be based.

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Do you believe that your friends can affect your grades? I can remember vividly during my 100 level, how I met some friends. These guys are bookworms. They read at night, morning and noon. These guys encouraged me during my 100 level. With time, I then turn into a bookworm too.

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Amongst all, I was always the least. They would all score above 4.00. But because of the fact that I was close to them, I also scored a CGPA of close range. So, imagine if I had met the wrong friends, my CGPA would have been catastrophic.most importantly, I also escaped MPC law. None of my friends had MPC problems. Truly, “an apple does not fall far from the trees”. Your friends can either increase you or decrease you. So choose wisely!

Author: Wonderful Ozubide (NDU LATTEST NEWS)

Edited by: Michael, O. J. (A & U Nig)

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