Upon resumption, many students battle with where to live as lectures commence. This is because accommodation is in high demand at the time of resumption and many freshers do not really have acquaintances to squat with. Others still do not have the financial resources rent a new apartment so the challenges are overwhelming. To add to this, you have to pay school fees first before you can get hostel spaces. The challenge is indeed above the strength of many freshers. To bypass the challenge, some students have attempted various means to ensure they start classes as they are in faraway Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc. If you are among these set of students, the discussion below may be of help to you.

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  • Seek Friends’ Help: In academics, especially in the area of peer influence, peer groups have been found to be very influential in the determination of students’ academic success. In the area of accommodation, peers could also be very helpful too. Many students now have gotten accommodations. Although many would want to live alone, a little appeal to stay with them for a short period of time may yield a positive result that could see you attend your lectures until you get you own decent accommodation.
  • From Yenagoa to Amassoma: Many students are already in Yenagoa. Others, though in faraway places, have hopes of accommodations in Yenagoa. You can actually start attending lectures from Yenagoa for the first few weeks before you actually get your own accommodation in Amassoma or anywhere your campus is. Although the transport fare may be hard on you, such can be manageable if it last within only two to few more weeks.
  • Any Way is a Way: I have seen students who do not have a home for the first semester who do night classes every day. Since there is no home for the time being, they go to classes in day time, in the evening, they go to a friend’s hostel space, freshen up and then on to night class. They read and sleep there till the next day. By morning, they go to the hostel again, freshen up and go for their 8:00 classes. Some serious students who don’t have accommodation have been seen doing this over the years.
  • Share Cost: Some other students have part of their accommodation and they feel they cannot rent an apartment. Well, in Amassoma, there are rooms that even three students can manage. If all participating students have N20,000 each, they can gather N60,000 to pay for a decent single room. So, do not wait to get a more decent home before you settle down. As from second semester or 200 level, you can do all that.

The above is merely suggestions at ensuring stranded students find a way to start classes since classes have been ongoing for three weeks now. If however, you are a student and see your peer having housing challenge, please, try to help out so that all can attain their plans for the first semester.

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