Many students has been asking the cost of mattresses to enable them make plans to buy. If you are among those in need of mattress, the following report may be of help to you. Note that you will only need a mattress if you rent accommodation outside school hostel. This is because school hostel have mattresses and you don’t need to take your own along.

Yesterday, we visited Pa-Chimamanda Nig. Ent. to get the list of cost of various mattresses. Below are our findings:

4 inchs           6 Spring        —         10,000

6 inchs           10 spring      —         15,000

6 inchs           8 spring         —         15,000

10 inchs        4×6                 —         40,000

12 inchs        4×6                 —         45,000

8 inchs           6×6                 —         60,000

There are other grades of foams available but with higher prizes. But we believe you are coming to school, not marriage, so these list should be enough. However, for more details, you can consult the vendor to get better choices at Pa-Chimamanda Nigeria Enteprises. Dealers of all beddings.

Head Office: No. 1 Okodi Street, Adule-Ama
Branch Office: No. 22, Tantua Road, Okori-Ama, Amassoma
Call/WhatsApp: 08046698476 or 08029979566.

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