One of the basic challenge freshers experience is how to identify their Departmental office, Faculty office, classes and their venues. In this pub, I shall elucidate salient information you need to keep yourself abreast with updated information and to go to the right place at the right time.

This pub is coming because at this time, it is very possible to misfire, that is, walk past your faculty/departmental office without knowing that is where you are actually going to. In my year one, I was misdirected in between my Faculty and department office, moving to and fro between two blocks before I was able to locate my destination. That day (around November, 2009), I was searching for the department of vocational and technology education. Unbeknownst to me, I was already standing in front of the office before I asked one anyhow student who misdirected me to the Faculty block after the then diamond Bank. Getting to Faculty block, I was redirected back to department block opposite VC’s office. There again, another student directed me back to Faculty block, claiming that was where the department office was located. This was how I kept on moving from Department to Faculty for more than 5 times until the sun beat sense unto the son of man and I decided never to ask questions again.

I started reading sign posts myself. From door to door, I started reading. Till I saw office of the Head of Department, Department of Vocational and technology Education. Alas! I have been standing there since morning, passing the office in ignorance. That was when I found my feet in the university. So, my advice from the above is that you must keep on reading. You have no choice than to read. No choice at all. When moving, signboards have been put in place to direct you without necessarily asking questions. Below are directions to aid your way into classrooms and relevant offices.

How to Locate Your Classes

The first thing you are expected to do is at least, go to your Department. In the Department, your timetable specifying the times, venues and duration of your classes is possibly attached to the notice board. Again, once at the Department, endeavour to read all “New Read” attached around. There are numerous information available for your consumption. So read anything you see. Some course reps who are your colleagues as freshers, who just established a class with a lecturer may likely post a notice at the Department, informing all students offering such course to be at such venue at a stipulated time. All these information helps you to enter the classes without any hitch.

After getting your timetable, please, read this article

Understanding your Timetable

Have you read it? Good, then proceed to the relevant classes to attend all your lectures.

How to Locate Your Department/Faculty

Locating your Department is very easy. Use the lead presented below to guide yourself. However, once you are in the block (a block refers to a building), keep on reading the notice on the doors. In most offices, the names of all the lecturers using an office is written/listed in the doors. Also, Department names are stated in the doors where the HOD is located. Reading these signs will enable you find your feet in no time.

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