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The Niger Delta University has released a list of Jambites who have been requested to change their programme of studies to new programmes so as to be admitted. The list contains one thousand, nine hundred and forty one (1,941) candidates who got the chance to be admitted but to different courses. Specifically, the list consists of 1,098 Medicine and Surgery candidates, 251 Law candidates, 94 Pharmacy candidates, 184 Nursing/Nursing Science candidates, 47 Accountancy/Accounting candidates, 165 Medical Laboratory Science candidates, 82 Political Science candidates, 4 Geography candidates, 1 Education & Social Science candidate, 2 Business Education candidates, 4 English and Literary Studies candidates,

Download Full List pdf here: Change of Course 2019-2020

3 Sociology and Anthropology candidates, 1 Human Physiology candidate, 5 Economics candidates, 5 Human Anatomy candidates, 2 Education and English Language candidates and 1 Agricultural Science and Education candidate. The document indicates that while Medicine had the highest transfers, Education & Social Science, Human Physiology and Agricultural Science and Education had the lowest as they all had only one candidate each.

Download in PDF Here: List of Change of Course 2019 2020

Most candidates whose names appeared in the document has since received sms to change their course to the new programme stated in the document. The document with the title “Niger Delta University Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State. We wish to transfer the under listed names to the Proposed Course against their name. To accept, kindly do Change of Course at any JAMB Accredited CBT; and a bottom page information NDU ICT (CBT) Centre with the mobile contact 07061628070 contained exactly 108 pages of names slated for transfer.

However, our calls to the contact written on the document indicated that the document has since been taken down from where it was published as a new version of it is being expected on Monday November 25th, 2019. Meanwhile, many students have since changed their programme of study to the new one so published. Others however, who were not requested to change their courses have since done so in their own volition with the belief that their programme must have been filled up and there may be no space for them anymore.

Most of the highly sought after programmes like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing Science, etc. are quickly filled up even in first-second batch. By third batch, these courses may have been filled up and others who cannot be absorbed there changed to other programmes where there are still space. Below is a statistical representation of the list of candidates requested to change their programmes to other available programmes.

Statistics on Change of Programmes of Study

Fig. 1: Bar chart representation of candidate’s change of course by departments


 Table 1:  Percentage distribution of candidate’s change of course by departments

S/N Department Frequency Percentage
1 Medicine and Surgery 1,098 56.336
2 Law 251 12.878
3 Pharmacy 94 4.822
4 Nursing/Nursing Science 184 9.440
5 Accountancy/Accounting 47 2.441
6 Medical Laboratory Science 165 8.465
7 Political Science 82 4.207
8 Geography 4 .205
9 Education & Social Science 1 .051
10 Business Education candidates 2 .102
11 English and Literary Studies 4 .205
12 Sociology and Anthropology 3 .153
13 Human Physiology candidate 1 .051
14 Economics 5 .256
15 Human Anatomy 5
16 Education and English Language 2 .102
17 Agricultural Science and Education 1 .051
Total 1949 100

Source: Data Survey, 2019

The Table above is on the percentage distribution of candidate’s change of course by departments. The Table revealed that Medicine had the highest candidates with 1,098(56.336%) as against other courses like Agricultural Education with just 1(.051) candidate. This shows that Medicine is more than half of the total candidates asked to change their courses.


Niger Delta University, (2019). We wish to transfer the under listed names to the Proposed Course against their name. NDU: ICT (CBT) Centre.

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