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The Niger Delta University has maintained that its 2019/2020 resumption date remains November 8th which was contained in the bulletin/academic calendar for last session. In a brief interview with the institution’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Indoni Ingezi, the Officer noted that school have resumed since November 8th dismissing claims that the NDU is on flood holiday.

In an attempt to allude to the flood ravaging the homes of many students in the community, if such occurrence would not amount to closure of academic activities, the PRO noted that such decision is outside the boundaries of his office. He however noted that the committee of provosts and deans would meet to determine that if the situation calls for that.

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The PRO also dismissed calls made to him that the NDU is currently on flood holiday. According to him, such holiday has never been conceived nor published this session and wonders where such news is emanating from.

Trying to push him further, we inquired about why no bulletin has not been released till date or if any would ever come out. In his response, the PRO noted that the last session bulletin also covers for part of the current session, hence, that bulletin still stands until further information is released from any of the institution’s relevant offices.

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Recall that earlier, there has been frenzy over the resumption of this current session as to whether school will resume under the current flood situation or not. However, all attempts to get relevant confirmation from management has proved abortive till today. Many students and parents as usual have been waiting for management release of bulletin but management on the other hand has not done so.

What is of major concern to most students who are yet to resume now is the level of flood in their homes as they can even barely access their streets talkless of their homes. It is expected that since the dry season is here, the water would recede, hence, within two weeks from now, hopes should be high.

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It has been populated that classes held yesterday and today but the level of seriousness of the resumption is still uncertain as most students are yet to resume probably because of the floods.

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However, year one clearance and verification have started. All freshers are expected to resume immediately and commence their studies.

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