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The following material has been written mostly in local parlance. Readers should take note

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You have gained admission and right now, your intestines are dancing Awilo Lokumba, posting your admission status on several media platforms of how God has changed your levels. Indeed, in the tone of the Federal Government, you are now on the “next level”.


Now that you are over excited, you will soon, or probably have forgotten something – that you are coming to a research environment. Yeah, a research community where everything is based on knowledge, inquiry, studies, crosschecking and consequent findings. Now ask yourself, since you got admitted, what have you been thinking of? Friends right? Yay!!! new friends! Or probably relationships, you know, returning students association of fine boys are waiting for the fine fine girls. So you too are also ready. Wow! Clap for yourself. Some other students too have been buying provisions, clothes, designers, kill them kill them packages just to tell people they have arrived. As them enter NDU now, those ahead no longer matters – as if we self never go school before. Pride and arrogance sometimes is very high for many. The most painful part is that those when their father no get chingum self want still impress (lols). The feeling is indeed overwhelming.

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But see where many of you are going wrong – you have not thought of buying reading/learning materials – have you? Hardly! The feeling of freedom must have carried you away. So for many, before they even start their first class, they have met wrong friends, mixed up with bad blood and started seeing the university from a very WRONG NOTE. Very very wrong Note. No vision at all. At the end of the day, you graduate, no job, then you say education is a scam. Never!


What Can You Do?


I just checked a year one result of a 200 level student. The boy have a perfect CGPA of 5.00 and I shouted wow! Yes, wow! Well, you do not really need a perfect CGPA of 5.00 to be a good student. You may even be a third class type but your brain is good in a particular thing. So how can you enter a university on a Good Note? Follow the following tips. They are life saving but you will never know. A female friend of mine engaged in exam malpractice in NDU in 2017 during her entry into final year. She was caught and Withdrawn for Academic Failure (WAFfed) for two semesters; meanwhile her friend and roommate who is also part and parcel of such unhealthy academic life was not caught. She graduated that year. Then my friend came back in 2018 after forfeiting a session. I then noticed she became madam reading – very serious. I was surprised. I asked, the way you read these days, I am surprised o. I noted that “your former roommate and friend must have been a bad influence on you then”. Without wasting a second, she agreed that she was even the bad egg in her academic life. Why did I bring this in? She never knew the bad academic life she was living then. In fact, she was happy she was WAFfed because she would have graduated without knowing some things she later learnt as a result of concerted efforts to her studies.

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You will never know you are drowning academically. You will never know you are following bad gangs. You will never know you can do more. To you, this is all that can be but you are limited because of your habits, friends circle and so on. Thank your God you are reading this before you entered school. So, as you are coming, use the following tips to protect yourself. Tie them around your waste so as to be a demy academic go yourself:


  1. Say ‘NO’ to many friends: What do you need many friends for? Was it to make many friends that made your parents to send you to school? From many friends you become a harlot – did you just say God forbid? Its ok, keep on shouting God forbid. From one boyfriend to two boyfriends. And as you fine na so the boyfriend circle go dey plenty. You don’t even know how to set friendship boundaries. Am not interested self no dey your mouth. My guy, who is she? Is she not a formal prostitute? Note that from too many friends you become a cultist, you will become a walkabout attending parties everyday and your academics is suffering. In fact, do not only say NO, avoid friends totally. Just one good friend or two is better for you. You will have plenty of time for yourself. This is because the time you will use to read, you will be visiting one person after another. If you fail to visit, then they will visit you. See trouble o. some will visit and stay all day. How can you then read? So make one or two friends. This/these should do for you. You don’t need friends to succeed. Recluse succeeds more because they have more time for studies.

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  1. Tie Yourself to Reading and Avoid Friends with Bad Reading Culture: if you really want to succeed in the university, it is only reading o. Nothing else. Only reading does the magic. Read like craze and avoid friends that don’t read. In this last session, I noticed that my school daughters and sons who are performing poorly are those with poor friends circle. Although IQ (intelligent quotient) level also matters, bad friends contributed more.

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  1. Night reading: In addition to reading, you must also understand the notion of quality reading. Since university is an academic institution, you will need to read like mad make your head dey bring smoke. Na so o. If you be student and you never read so tey your head dey bring smoke (symbolically) na im be say you never start o. To do this, you will understand the concept of night reading. My guy, if you read for night ehn? Na so your brain just dey assimilate. Night reading just dey sweet like garri, sugar and milk. So, look at those friends who always go to night class, na those ones be the real Gs… the good friends for university. They may have bad behaviours in some other ways but by virtue of the fact that they are serious with reading, they are the oriri (original) God sent friends. Avoid their bad attitude and mix up with them every night. In the Niger Delta University, night reading is an everyday thing. You must not allow even one night to pass you. Once you start procrastinating that tomorrow I will go and read or you went but all through the night you did nothing but gisting/sleeping; you tried by going to night class, but you have missed the essence of going.

Special Note: Night reading is called TDB (till day break) while STDB is call sleep till day break)

  1. Do not show a flamboyant lifestyle: Immediately people start noticing you have money or your father is eze money (Please, who knows what eze money means? I only knows that phrase from joke as plenty money), they will start crowding you. Final year girls will be using soft breast to rub and press you in one corner; small pikin wey maybe never touch breast before! You wey be mumu go be like “see love!” Na lie o. Before you look well, you dom use your school fees take buy sardines and milk tire. Alarm (hungry) full here o. That breast na scam o, e get purpose. Your finances will soon be having issues. Again, living a flamboyant lifestyle will also attract criminals and cultist. You won’t even have rest of mind, they will disturb you till you get tired of the university. Don’t even start it.

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  1. Wrong Dress Code: Last two years, a parent withdrew my school son for cultist purpose. While the parent was bitter, he failed to realize that his son’s dressing when he entered the school was wrong. He carried designers haircut typical of whom the police would describe as a criminal, sags a lot, wears slippers and short sleeves, dog chains of different sizes. So at the end, cultists have started disturbing him. The father came several times to see these boys but to no avail. At the end, the father who is a lecturer in another school withdrew him. So pitiable that a student will come to the university just to waste the parents’ hard earned resources. I have other instances like this but would not be necessary discussing them all here.


  1. Partying/Flexing: Let me tell you something about drinking as this is the major problem with partying. In my pre-university to early university days, I used to party a lot. In Warri/Ughelli then, when we go out for clubbing, we close like two three tables together and keep on buying drinks, barbecues and pepper soup. But when I started research practice fully, I noticed drinking was no longer my thing. I did not really notice this on time. I was just focused on academics and later realized that I am no longer drinking. When opportunity to drink comes, I easily reject because it means I cannot read nor write that night again. So now, I only drink when I know all through such night, there is no academic duties. As freshers, you must learn to stay away from excessive partying. The feeling to belong is very compelling but you must try to stay away. You will never know you are being carried away until it is already part of you that you can no longer control it. For how can you stop when if you are not in a party, the party is not complete? Don’t even start it else, your scores will see something.


  1. Attend to Moderate Religious Demands: As you are coming, there are so many religious groups here that will welcome you. While religion is very important and helps guide us morally which translates to helping the university attain God fearing students who will not disrupt academic activities, you must however, understand that you are here for research first. If at all you like religion so much, a seminary would be better for you. How can you leave classes for your religious practices on regular basis? Your studies first before religion here. or try to work things out to see how both do not clash. You will soon graduate and you will have religion all by yourself. If you are contoured into believing that religious gathering first, you may miss the real essence of academics. Nevertheless, most religious persons are the most performing students but just try to modulate things.


For the purpose of brevity, I draw the curtains here. Nevertheless, endeavour to quickly sight a bad move which may not be listed here as you are coming and avoid it. Don’t be caught up in the act. Do not bother about first class, bother about a first class brain. You may be a 2:2 student but your brain is fast ahead a first class student. Be diligent, hardworking, insightful, humble and most importantly, Godfearing.


May the peace and knowledge of God that surpasses all things guide us all in Jesus names… Amen.



The author is Michael Ogheneyoreme Jules,
M.Ed (Mgt/Mkg)
Department of Vocational and Technology Education,
Niger Delta University,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State.
08050706635 / 08060699054