The question of inter-faculty transfer has been on the front burner from the end of the last session. This is because many students had accepted their earlier admission where their initial programmes of studies were changed on the premise that in year two, they will be able to change. The question now is that when will the transfer window be opened?

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This question cannot be directly answered because management don’t really bring out advance dates for transfer windows until the time is ripe. This is to say it is only when management is ready for transfers that it will release the date. But let us use last session transfer timelines to calculate this session transfer window.


Last session begins on the 26th of April, 2019. Dues to the shortness of the semesters, many dates/activities may not be as they were expected to be. From that resumption date, it took up to a month later – May 24th for management to release transfer information. On that 24th of May, 2019, the admission office sought for students across faculties who wanted to engage in the transfer to drop their details in the office. Without time wasting, management brought out a list of eligible students based on their criteria. 13 students to Medlab, 10 students to Nursing, 10 to Pharmacy and 19 to Medicine.  All other programmes were not allowed. All eligible students in these fields had CGPAs of 4.5 and above.


So, if you are asking of when the transfer window will open, let us calculate a month from the date of resumption. Or as management has become very active these days, lets take three weeks into the new session. From then on before any applicant can be bothered about transfer. But for now, there is no need to be worried, provided you have the requisite CGPA.