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Updates on University Coronavirus Resumption Date


Various persons have been carrying different dates for resumption for the 2019/2020 academic session. The first date purported was 25th October which later became the date for commencement of clearance and acceptance by year one freshers. However. further dates have appeared online as to when the NDU will resume the new session. Currently, it seems there are online VCs that are releasing their own resumption dates; probably for traffic purposes.

Year One Clearance? Call/WhatsApp 08050706635 or 08060699054

The true situation is that currently, no single bulletin nor calendar has been released for the new session. The only date that has been released by the NDU still remains last session bulletin which stipulates the end of the concluded session and further states that this 2019/2020 session will begin November 8th. Nonetheless, management has not released another bulletin to either support that date nor contrast it. Therefore, November 8th still stands.

It was believed last Wednesday that when Senate meet, a new date would be released. But nothing came out till date after that meeting. Many students are now at lost as to when to resume. The believe now is to hold on to November 8 as the official resumption date pending further bulletin directives. Some online media are sharing December 7th as resumption date but the veracity of these online dates is yet to be ascertained as they are not bulletin released by the school management.

We believe that on or before next Wednesday, a new bulletin would be released which will outline the dates for all activities in the new session. But as at the time of this report, nothing of such has been released. All students making plans according to online dates should use this info to guide their actions pertaining to resumption. November 8th still holds for now.

With the flood still around its highest level, it is hard to think school will resume November 8th which is just 6 days from today. This is because since the water started drying, the rains always bring it back up and then down again. So, even though the water is drying, the occurrence of “dry and rain” has made the water almost remain at a stand still. Currently, many flooded houses are still in their flooded state and whence resumption date is released, it will be difficult for students to cope.

This is probably one of the reasons why management MAY be delaying the resumption date. If school resume November 8th, students may not be able to cope. The reporter’s how is also currently flooded to knee area and no student can cope with water in his/her house up to the knee. Some houses are even worse off. The flood level in their apartment is almost at the waist. 

With this development, resumption may speculatively reach even December, because the water receding rate and the addition of the rains MAY not allow the flood to dry up within two weeks. Although the sun is very high now and the receding rate is noticeable, the rains is now the major issue.

Recall that last year, By November 2nd, the flood has receded to the extent that students were already in their houses. It was at this period (November 4th) that ASUU went on strike again whence NDU joined November 8th (four days later). The challenge however is that this year rain did not start on time, hence, it is still falling late. The sun yesterday in Amassoma and environs was likely an harmattan sun. Even as at the time of this report, the weather is more likley to an harmattan weather. With this development, it is believed that the water will dry off soon. But please, beg the rains to calm down. We are not dragging superiority here.


A Seeming Yearly Culture of Flood and ASUU


It is now more likely that there is a culture of flood and ASUU in NDU as there is a seeming repeat of last year occurrence where NDU recovered from flood early November last year and immediately went on ASUU strike. Similarly, in this same insane year, while we are currently suffering from flood, ASUU did not even wait, or probably is waiting to go on strike as the Federal Government stops salaries of ASUU, others over IPPIS.

Strike Looms as FG Stops Salaries of ASUU, Others Over IPPIS

All these put together are in an attempt to undermine the effectiveness of the present NDU administration. Recall that at the beginning of last session, NDU was widely known and mocked to be very backward in calendar until the widely renown 5-star Vice Chancellor brought concurrent semester policy which was thwarted publicly. The plan did not die there. It was readjusted to two short semesters. Now NDU is back on track and the agents of academic backwardness are at it again. We believe the “4-tenure VC” is awaiting the flood with more policies to defy the effect of all these happenings.

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