The NDU acceptance fee has been widely held to have been increased by N10,000 only since its release last Wednesday. This was solely due to the fact that while the 2018/2019 acceptance fee was N30,000, the acceptance fees for 2019/2020 released on 23rd October, 2019 witnessed an increment of N10,000 only making it a total of N40,000.

Nevertheless, various sources have held in opposition to popular view that the acceptance was in essence not increased. Rather, it was an adjustment in how the Niger Delta University collects charges. It was gathered that the N10,000 addition was actually matriculation fee together with some other charges. The true nature of these charges have not been really clear as inquiries are ongoing. An ongoing inquiry will shed more light on the issue to avoid blind public criticism. This is visibly why this year acceptance fee was titled “Acceptance/Matriculation Fees”. See picture below.

Our sources noted that whence students are to collect matriculation gowns, they are expected to present the acceptance fee receipt which already contains the matriculation fee. However, this position is yet to be confirmed from the PRO as calls placed to his lines are not reachable. With this perception of increment in the Acceptance fees, it is believed the NDU management will release a bulletin to this effect, clarifying such perception involuntarily created as a result of the adjusted fees.

Matriculation fee was not really a fee in the Niger Delta University until this session. However, Matriculation gown receipts is paid at a flat rate of N3,000 only. For now, to say that matriculation gown fees will not be paid separately again will be too early as the matriculation gown payment button is still showing in With time, more information will emerge as to the true situation of things. Nevertheless, parents who are concerned can visit the admissions office or the office of the PRO to get personal clarifications.


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