Many freshers have been asking how much is the total expenses/payments for the NDU 2020/2021 acceptance and clearance. There are several charges involved in the process of acceptance, clearance and verification.

From the N40,000 acceptance fee to verification, freshers are expected to pay several fees and charges to complete the clearance and verification circle. Below are the known fees throughout the process:

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Total Cost of Acceptance and Clearance and How to Pay Fees and Charges

1. NDU Acceptance Fee payment (N40,000): This fee is now N40,000. It is paid online after you must have created your profile in Please, in most of these online transactions, you may make payments and it may not be acknowledged.

So, always use cafes around Amassoma to carryout all your jobs. Additionally, the NDU no longer accept money via bank deposits, rather, Vice Chancellor has digitalized the NDU currency that right now, you have to create a profile and make all payments online.

Don’t worry, the process is very good with nice experience. Even if anything happens, the NDU ICT office is there to resolve it for you. But you must ensure you are paying the money at , otherwise, you are on a wrong path.

2. NDU Acceptance Processing fee (N2,000): This is a charge by café owners like us. We use this charge to pay for the acceptance fee. The hidden charge collected by the website is approximately N700. Café owners use the balance to process it. Some café however may charge you from N2,000 to N3,000. It all depends on where you process your work.

3. NDU Document Upload fee (N2,500): This money is paid to NDU at during upload. NDU takes this money as document upload fee. The actual money charged here is N1,560. Café owners use the balance for the payment.

4. Original Jamb Result Printing (N2,500): This fee is concerned with jamb website. This result is different from the first result printed when jamb result was first released. This second result have a passport on the top right and is coloured. The total actual cost is N1,165. The balance is café charge.

5. Original Jamb Admission Letter Printing (N2,500): This fee is also concerned with jamb website. Admission letter certifies that a student has been admitted to study a particular course in an institution. Jamb Admission letter and School Admission Letter are two different things. This means that a student must have two admission letters. The total actual cost is N1,165. The balance is café charge.

6. NDU Attestation Letters (N1,000): An attestation letter is written by a sponsor or relative of an admitted student attesting that the student will be of good conduct in school. An attester can hand-write the letter and give to the student to type it. It must be addressed to the Registrar, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State or otherwise stated.

However, in any even a student’s sponsors are unable to fashion out an attestation letter, café owners can write it for them and give them for signing. This service costs N500 only.

7. NDU Statutory Declaration Letter: This document is free from the NDU. Once NDU sends an admitted student admission, they are instructed to go to designated portal for further instruction. One of the documents to download during this process is the statutory declaration form. Students are expected to fill it and take it to court to sign. Some courts charge N500 or lesser. Others charge N1,000 depends on where you used.

8. NDU Admission Letter, Personal Date and Clearance Certificate (N1,000): NDU admission letter is free from the website provided you have paid school fees. However, cafes charge N500 to print it. Other cafes may charge N1000.

9. NDU Registration, Scanning, Uploading and Printing (N4,000): This is the actual processing fees café charge. Some café owners charge up to N4,000. It will depends on where you process your documents.

  1. WAEC/NECO Scratch Cards(N2,500): This card is used by the verification officer to confirm the authenticity of the o’level result so presented. If authentic, the officer signs and stamp it and it is the only o’level result to be used all through your stay in the programme.
  2. Clearance Acknowledgement Slip (N2,500): After verification, before students can pay school fees, they are expected to print their clearance acknowledgement slip. This fee is actually N2080. The balance is for the processing fee.

This is the first bulk of payments/activities. By now, school fees payment is not possible. After verification, the second set of charges are listed below:

  1. School Fees: Please, refer to HERE see how much you are to pay for your school fees
  2. School fee processing (N2,000): The Niger Delta University school fees is not paid in the bank like bank deposit. Rather, it is paid online via Paying this fee requires a charge of approx. N700. The balance is for café troubles.
  3. Matriculation Gown Receipt (N4,500): (This fee is not longer collected. It has been added to the acceptance fee to make it N40,000) During matriculation, which is always in the first semester, students are required to pay N3,000 online together with additional processing fees. They use the receipt to collect matriculation gown for matric day celebration.
  4. Course enrolment (N4,000): The e-pin for year one course enrolment is N2,600 in addition with extra processing fees. Café charges makes it N4,000. However, returning students (i.e.: year two to final year) pays N2,000 only.
  5. Biodata (N2,000): This biodata is different from personal data which students will be required to print later (see number 8). That one follows the admission letter for N500. Meanwhile, this biodata includes numerous biodetails about the student. Although only N208 is paid, the cost is largely due to the length of the work.
  6. Skill Acquisition (7,500): The skill acquisition programme is an initiative of the Niger Delta University aimed at equipping NDU graduates with added skills as jobs are becoming elusive and technically non-existent. The total cost is approx. N6,200, only N800 is the profit in it for café owners.
  7. X-ray or Medicals (N8,000): This is at least, one of the widely known charges in universities as all admitted students have to go through the process of medical checkup. Students pays N5,350 online. The balance is for processing. Additionally, after the xray receipts, students are required to go to the sick bay and register with Regenix online. This also cost another N700-N1,000.

Special Note: The fees above are the basic fees throughout the clearance and verification period. However, this does not mean these are the only fees available. University fees are sometimes unending. Students during verification will also pay for Faculty journal. Additionally, If not for ban of student’s unionism, freshers would have been expected to pay for SUG, Faculty and Departmental dues.

All these are classified under miscellaneous expenses. However, number 1 to 17 above are mostly concerned with our café business. All other charges are to be paid at the departmental/faculty level. 

For more information, call/whatsapp 08060699054/08050706635

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