For a period of time spanning between a year now, I have been hearing of various strange charges paid by Niger Delta University freshmen. In my mind of all minds, “but some people get money o. Youngman, come and pay me senior man fee of N15,000 only, biko. I cannot come and kill myself”.  But then, it is incredulous how these boys are able to manipulate freshers to pay non-existing charges. One of the most populous non-existent fee I have heard is indigene fees. Does the Niger Delta University really charge indigene fees?

Indigeneship and What it is Used for in the Niger Delta University

An indigene in Niger Delta University strictly refers to a student who hails from Bayelsa State. You can be an indigene in NDU when either your father or mother comes from any community in Bayelsa State. Being an indigene in NDU means that you have some level of entitlements like paying lesser school fees. In the Niger Delta University, indigent students pays N50,000 lesser as school fees. This is to say when a non indigent Engineering 100 level student is paying N170,000 as school fees especially in the 2018/2019 academic session, indigent students are paying N120,000 as sessional school fees (this is less N50,000). So you see? Being an NDU indigent student comes with benefits and not extra charges.

Is There Anything Like Indigene Fees In Niger Delta University?

The answer is purely NO! The Niger Delta University does not charge any fee like indigene fees. Rather, you benefit from not paying tuition fees of N50,000.

Other Non Existing Charges

Admission fee na scam (No admission fee in NDU)

Hostel Portal fees na scam (we only have hostel fees of N15,000 and N17,000)

More of these scam charges will be uploaded shortly. However, if you have any, please, post them in the comment session.


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