Many freshers have been bothered about where to stay now they are about to resume and start clearance. Although the official resumption date is 8th November, it has been purportedly proposed that 25th would be freshers resumption date. With this proposition, the trend now is where to stay when freshers comes for clearance.

On the issue of where to stay when freshmen come for clearance, two things are involved. It is either you apply for hostel accommodation or you find accommodation outside school. Unfortunately, students have to pay school fees before they can apply for hostel; and as at the time of clearance, freshmen are not eligible to pay school fees. Freshmen are verified first before their profile becomes responsive to pay school fees. This means that freshers have to pay acceptance fees, do their online clearance, go to their department for verification, be verified before they can pay school fees.

Through all these period, freshers who intend to stay in the hostel have to pay transportation fares coming and going back home. Others who have acquaintances here in Amassoma will have to squat with their friends until they pay school fees.

When Will Hostel Application Commence in Niger Delta University

Earlier on, hostel application is often released weeks deep into the new session/semester. However, this current administration have since change the hostel application system. First it was online and second, application is now earlier than before. In the previous session, hostel application was open even before resumption date. This made many applied before they even resume. Many students have to send their payments in and their application slip to login was ready before they actually resume. This is one of the greatest benefits of this administration. Things are very swift and responsive.

In the current session, we are hoping management will open the portal before or immediately after resumption since the experience last year was very swift. You will hear of the application online once it is released. For now, the time for application has not been released and we await management’s bulletin to that effect.

Where to Apply for Niger Delta University Hostel

The hostel application process takes up to about three websites to fulfill its completion. This is because the process is tied to payment, biodata and actual application. First step is for eteller generation. Second is for biodata. Then on to to purchase your hostel e-pin. Then back to to continue where you stopped to pay the actual hostel fee. Remember the first payment at ndufees was e-teller generation. Now you make the real hostel charge and go back to to get your hostel login slip.

How to Apply for Niger Delta University Hostel

As stated above, applying for hostel can be very tedious. You must have a good café personnel to help you apply. To give you a glimpse of how the process is conducted, here is preview of it all.


  1. Firstly, you must visit first to generate e-teller for the hostel fees payment.
  2. After generating the e-teller in ndufees, nothing will happen again from there. You are expected to withdraw to to process your biodata because the biodata is tied to hostel registration just as school fees receipt is tied to skill acquisition.
  3. After a successful biodata processing, go to to purchase your hostel e-pin. Click on “get pin” at the top menu of the homepage and follow through. Note that if you have not paid school fees, it will prompt you to go and pay school fees first. Once you have purchased the e-pin, please, endeavour to save the pin. It is better to screenshot, print, or save as pdf file or copy and paste it exactly. When you write it down, you may miss some letters. Even when you write it down, ensure you also have a saved copy.
  4. Once you have the e-pin, go back to homepage (same website), at the right pane, you will see “Please Check Application Status”. Insert matric number (for students who already have Mat. No.) or JAMB number (for year one students) and insert your new e-pin you just generated and follow through.
  5. The end of this process will take you to the hostel check in slip page. This slip helps you to check in to the hostel. But at this time, your hostel space is not displayed yet. Now, you have to go back to to continue where you stopped (Please, refer to item 1&2 above).
  6. Now in, generate the e-teller again as if you want to pay again. Then, the page will pop up the normal eteller page to pay up your hostel fees which is N15,200 for all students except N17,200 for male students in Pharmacy and Engineering
  7. After a successful payment here, please, go back to to enter your mat. Number/JAMB number again with the pin. This time, it will display your hostel check in slip with your hostel name, room, bed and space.


NB: Please, note that the hostel application encompasses three basic websites tied together. You must first visit, process e-teller without going further, leave there, then go to, process your biodata, then go to, buy your pin and process your hostel check in slip. Once done, back to www.ndufees again, process the eteller again, pay the hostel fees now, N15,200 or N17,200. Once done, back to Enter your mat/jamb number and pin and you are set to check in.

Cost of Niger Delta University Hostel Application

Formally, the NDU announces N15,000 and N17,000 for hostel application. However, charges for e-pin, website, e-teller and café are not listed in such cost. For the 2018/2019 academic session, the obtainable and overall charges for hostel application is N20,000 and N22,000. No other charges are involved. However, we cannot say how much the cost will be in the 2019/2020 session since management has not brought out its bulletin.

For hostel application, call or WhatsApp 08060699054 or 07050706635



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