The current 2019 flooding in Amassoma is rising and seems to be measuring up to the 2018 flood level. The water which started rising from the last week of September, 2019 has now attained more height as it has sacked more Amassoma occupants from their houses. Currently, a measurement conducted at 8:00am today 20th October, 2019 indicates that the flood level is exactly one foot (1ft) below 2018 flood which in turn was 1.8fts below 2012.

Students are currently lucky as this year’s flood happened during the holidays when they are expected to be at home. Examinations just concluded this week ending October, 20th and students are expected to resume November 8th according to the 2018/2019 academic timetable.

A bulletin proposing the new session has been on the internet which proposed that freshers are to resume on the 25th of October, however, since the bulletin is bearing “proposed”, it is difficult to believe whether such proposed calendar has been approved for the session.

In any case, with the flood still rising as a result of rainfall, the November 8th resumption date is becoming uncertain if at all the flood level by then will allow students to move into their various houses.

The level of the flood currently has not stopped any academic functions as it has only affected the front and left flank of the ETF building. The hope many persons are having now is that the dams that caused last year flood were not opened. The current rise in the flood is solely due to rainfall. It is very noticeable that the water is stagnant when there is no rainfall. The increase is only noticeable whenever there is rainfall.

Local experts has however forecasted that the rains would stop mid October, a forecast that the rains has defied. Others had asserted that by October month end, the rains would stop and then whence the sun becomes perpetual, the water will start receding.

The major problem now is that if the rains stop now, will the rate at which the water will recede reduce the flood to a manageable level where students can settle? This is at least the expectation of many.

Currently, there is no indication that the November 8th resumption date will be shifted as the NDU has been on a speedy move to meet up with national academic calendar. It should be recalled that the incumbent VC did not give in to announce flood break last September when the flood level chased many students out of their homes. The VC advised those affected to seek refuge in the hostels. This is visibly with a view to ensure that the NDU maintains normal calendar.


Next update on the flood will be by the next weekend and by then, we hope that the rains must have stopped and the waters receding.

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