Before now, some candidates has been asking what are the necessary documents needed for their online clearance. Some applicants after being granted admission will then be in haste to get those documents ready.

Unfortunate, I was such an applicant. It was after my admission I was then running around to get my Local government of Origin and Age declaration. I was unable to get it within two days because they said my Local Government Chairman had a crucial meeting, what if he traveled?

However, it took me two days to get those above mentioned documents. If the process of getting those documents was long, maybe one month before you get it, it would have caused delay.

The following documents are required for your online clearance:

  1. Age Declaration/ Birth Certificate
  2. Local government of origin/Identification Letter
  3. O’level result (Original, Print out or Photocopy)
  4. 2 Attestation Letters, and
  5. Statutory Declaration

I know the next question will be what is attestation letter? Also what is statutory declaration? If that has been your question, then read on.

Attestation letter

As the name implies, it is a letter directed to the registrar and will be attesting for your good conduct and character that you will not misbehave all through your stay in school.

Statutory declaration

Statutory declaration is an agreement between you and your university and signed by the commissioner for oath. Your university present you with the form while you are expected to print, fill, agree and take it to the court for signing. The document primarily state amongst others that the information and documents you are providing to your institution is valid, true and correct. That you are not and will not be a member of any secret cult; shall not involve in any harassment malpractice amongst others. Upon completing the form, you take it to the court, sign and upload to your university portal.

If you are still at lost as to how to go about acquiring these documents, we can help you here in our office.

Best wishes

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