In universities, the terms acceptance, clearance and verification are often used when new students are gaining admission. Just as students have claimed they met the requirements to be admitted, they are therefore requested to upload their details and documents online to show that they really meet such requirements. In addition, to avoid faking of credentials, the new students after the uploads are also required to personally go to the university with the uploaded documents to show to designated staff who will manually check to see if uploaded documents are authentic, match with received documents and any other parameters before he/she will certify such student cleared and press onward to other processes like payment of school fees and file opening. Let us first take a look at the term acceptance as it is done in the Niger Delta University.


Acceptance has no procedure other than a fee. What we really have is the acceptance fee payment. The acceptance fee for the 2019/2020 session is yet to be published by the NDU management. However, for this fading session (2018/2019), acceptance fees for all jambites irrespective of indigenes and non indigenes, programmes, etc is same. Acceptance fee for jambites this session is N30,000. However, acceptance for Direct Entry (DE) students is different. Law DE students paid an acceptance fee of N100,000. Basic Medical Science Students paid N70,000. While all other Faculties paid N50,000.

After acceptance, the next is clearance. In fact, the experienced café personnel is to handle both the acceptance payment and clearance together. Acceptance fees is non refundable as it is ably stated in the admission information given to newly admitted students. See picture below:

Instructions to newly admitted students in 2018/2019. Source: NDU


Michael O'Jules

Michael O'Jules

Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria


In many universities, clearance is only used for graduating students to be cleared for NYSC. But in the Niger Delta University, it is also used for the process of clearing freshers into year one. Clearance is used to denote provision of personal details and uploading of documents online to the NDU website provided by management. The portal for clearance for the outgoing session was However, it is not very clear whether management will maintain such portal for clearance this new session. Once published by management, all such info will also be publicized here.

During clearance, freshers are presented with Acceptance Letter/Form. Also, the post UTME form may also be available during clearance. This is to enable anyone who lost his or her post utme form to reprint it as it will be used for Faculty File opening.

Details needed for clearance? Click here!

Documents to Upload During Clearance

The following documents are uploaded during clearance:

  1. O’level Result (WAEC/NECO or its equivalent)
  2. Age Declaration/Birth Certificate (Any that is available)
  3. Local Government of Origin/Certificate of Origin (both names mean the same thing)
  4. Attestation Letter 1
  5. Attestation Letter 2 (Attestation letters (1&2) are provided by parents, landlords, pastors, siblings or any other responsible person in society pledging to the school that you will be of good behaviour. Please, take note, this is not a recommendation letter. Do not recommend good behaviour, just attest to good behaviour, meaning you are to be held responsible for future misdeed).
  6. Statutory Declaration (provided together with admission information granted to individual students)
  7. A’level certificate (Only for Direct Entry students)

Number 7 above only applies to direct entry students. If you are a jambite, you will upload only 6 documents. If you are a jambite using 2 o’level results, then your documents will be 7.

Direct entry students using 2 o’levels will then upload 8 documents. A quick café operator should not spend more than 30 minutes to complete a student’s clearance unless network or other issues constituted delays.


Verification is the next step after clearance. It is done at the department level. Once your documents have been successfully uploaded, you will immediately march on to your department for verification. Some persons call is “physical verification”. This is because the students themselves take their documents to the department for verification. Verification is not done by proxy. The verification officer checks your document for originality, consistency with uploaded documents and certify that you have been cleared. They also sign your o’level result after checking with scratch cards online that your o’level is original. This signed result is what is used in school all through.

Verification and clearance can be done in one day. All admitted students are advised to complete their clearance in Amassoma for better clearance experience. Cafes in Amassoma have better idea of the process together with any possible changes. Students who did their clearance outside in previous sessions often get one form of error or the other during verification and are sent back for re-upload where they pay N2,000 again as the case may be. To avoid this, kindly contact your café Agent in Amassoma to handle your clearance. If you have no agent here, kindly call our contact lines for direction and assistance.


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