Jambites first batch still not released: Predegree application still on:….

The Niger Delta University have started sending admission sms to predegree applicants. The information contained in the sms also indicates that all newly admitted predegree students are to resume lectures Monday 30th September, 2019. 

The information also indicated that all newly admitted predegree students are to pay their acceptance fees in www.ndufees.com as the institution no longer allows bank deposits. However, only acceptance e-pin charge of N1,000 is expected to be paid in the bank.

Consequently, after payment of N15,000 in ndufees, predegree students are required to take the online receipt to the bank, pay N1,000 for e-pin and present the online receipt of N15,000 to get the e-pin.

Orientation for the newly admitted predegree students is also expected to hold on the same date (Monday 30th September, 2019). The orientation is to give the students appropriate guide towards what they are to expect in their new environment.

For more information, kindly reach the Predegree Director’s office, beside ICT Centre, Newsite.

You can also call us for processing of application and acceptance of predegree admission.
+2348060699054, +2348050706635

Note: Predegree application is still on.