document.documentElement.className = 'js'; Has NDU Released First Batch for the 2019/2020 Admission? : A & U Ng

As admission news is spreading everywhere like wildfire, various applicants who do not have access to their institutions for proper guidance are now being tossed about with incorrect media reports from bloggers who are looking for traffic. Same is also happening regarding the Niger Delta University admission status. Various blogs have already posted that the NDU have released first batch of admission. Is that really correct?

Has Niger Delta University Released 2019/2020 Admission List?

As at 9:00pm, the 18th day of September (the time of this report), no admission news has emanated from the Niger Delta University. So, if there is any information online, it is probably fake. Although, we have started noticing changes in the admission status of NDU jambites from “Not Admitted” to “Admission in Progress”. Admission in Progress indicates that a list MAY have reached Jamb from your institution and it is being ratified. Once Admission in progress shows, it takes few days/Weeks for admission to come up.

To confirm correct information from the NDU, kindly reach the office of the PRO, the University’s official portal –, the admission office, or contact numbers situated in Aside these sources of correct information from the NDU, all other information at this hour MAY be incorrect.

To further confirm information from the NDU concerning admission, you can also consult our support page and select any means of contact there. We shall make calls to the relevant offices for verification of information.