The Niger Delta University has closed its portal for the payment of school fees and Course Registration for the 2018/2019 academic session in the early hours of Saturday August 31st, 2019. This action is coming after a special release on Non Payment of School Fees was circulated by the school management which stated as follows:

“The Committee of Provosts and Deans at its 125th meeting held on Thursday July 18th, 2019 considered the above subject and decided as follows:”

  1. “All students that have not paid school fees/charges and course registration for 2018/2019 academic session should complete the process on or before August 30th.”
  2. “Students unable to meet the above deadline should apply for suspension of studies for 2018/2019 academic session without further delay.”
  3. “Students under category (1) above seeking assistance could apply to Bayelsa State Loans Board to access funds for the payment of school fees/charges.”

Has School Fees Payment For 2018/2019 Academic Session Been Closed?

The above notice implies that any student who is yet to pay school fees before the closure is to apply for suspension of studies and resume next semester in the same level while colleagues are being promoted to the upper level. The portal is closed for now and no indication of reopening for the current session.

Will the NDU School Fees Portal Be Re-opened?

Although there has been insinuations that the portal will be reopened for a grace period so that all students can pay, there has been no confirmation from any quarter nor office that such possibility exists. What parents can however do is to appeal to the Good VC for a second chance. Owing to previous happenings, it is very possible to predict that the VC who has been very students friendly will do something positive about the situation despite the fact that there has been warning about a month and half ago that actions would be taken.


Students, especially those whose fees are ready but were unable to pay should send letters to the students friendly VC appealing for a grace period to enable them pay up. In the letters, endeavour to cite the reasons behind the late payment with a promise of prompt payment next session.

For more information, please, visit the Bursary office, Teesoft office, admissions office or the administrative office for more inquiries.


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