During admission periods, Universities release list of admitted students systematically. Primarily, a list of merited admission is often released. This list has been purported to contain names of mostly qualified applicants in the particular session. Nevertheless, Universities admission list don’t really end with Merit list. There are other list which are also released after the Merit list. The Merit list is also called first batch.

The Niger Delta University for example released numerous list in the 2018/2019 academic session. The list were so numerous unlike previous sessions that it later became difficult to identify the names of the list. But in earlier admissions, lists were systematic and more coordinated. Admission seekers and stakeholders were able to identify the various numbers of batches released. Let us bypass this previous session (2018/2019) and use past sessions in calculating the expected admission list.

How Many List Will Universities (NDU) Release in The 2019/2020 Academic Session?

Below are possible lists to be released:

  1. Merit List: This list contains mostly qualified candidates
  2. Merit List Continuation: This is the list that is released in continuation of the Merit list/first batch. It is also part of first batch. Note that anyone who gained admission in merit list get their courses without changes. In the NDU 2016/2017 list which was released then, the merit list did not have a continuation list.
  3. Supplementary List: This is the second batch. Admission here is usually based on a VC’s discretion and not necessarily by qualification. Admission here can also be based on concession. From this Supplementary List/Second Batch, courses are bound to change. This is where career adjustments starts from.
  4. Supplementary List Continuation: In the NDU 2016/2017 session, there was Supplementary List continuation. This is not also third nor fourth batch but also part of second batch.
  5. Direct Entry List: This is probably the third list. Although Universities may not name these lists in this order, this listing is very imperative for follow up. The direct entry list stands on its own and is not mixed up with other lists.
  6. Third Supplementary List: This is almost the final admission list. At this stage, it is hard to tell if another list will still come out. Although it is possible for more batches to be released, this particular batch signal the end of admission for a particular year.




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