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Yearly, after the hurdles of Jamb examinations and Post UTME screening tests, the next thing in line of action is admission. How then will a candidate know that he/she has been admitted?

First Approach To Know You Have Been Admitted

Well, the first place to know you have been admitted is in your JAMB CAPS profile. CAPS mean Centralized Admission Processing Systems. This means that all universities in Nigeria have synergized to grant admission to candidates. Universities first have to complete their lists, then send to jamb, jamb them complete their “rites” and when satisfied, upload the list in their portal. This is where a candidate first knows he/she has been admitted.

Sample of JAMB CAPS Home Page

Once JAMB grants you admission, it is a 100% assurance you have also been admitted in your university. This is because it is your university that sends your name to jamb. But then, you can only accept or reject the admission. You still have to wait for about a week or two before your University release the same list Jamb had uploaded. It is after your University upload that you can take further action.

So, what you will do now is to ensure you have access to your jamb profile. To access your jamb profile, visit, then use your email and jamb password to login. If you do not have the password, kindly contact the person who registered you during jamb application December last year (2018) through January this year (2019). Such CBT attendant will be in the best position to help you.

Sample of a JAMB Login Page

Once you have successfully logged in to jamb profile, scroll to the bottom to locate “Check Admission Status”.

Location of “Check Admission Status” in Jamb Portal (In Purple)

The next page will show you a button to “Check Admission Status”, you can click it or follow “Access my CAPS” to see options to follow up your admission.

Is It Possible To Be Admitted In A University And Your Name Did Not Appear In Jamb CAPS First?

This should be an anomaly that is to be corrected, but cases have shown that some universities had granted admission to some students but their names have not appeared in JAMB first (Maybe the university sent the detail but JAMB skipped it in error, who knows?). But when this happens, know that you are safe. Because it is the University admission that matters. All you have to do is to visit the admission office of your university and present your case. They will facilitate your admission to appear in CAPS after confirming that truly, your name is in their list. This will enable you to print out your JAMB admission letter.

Sample of JAMB CAPS

Below is a picture of how JAMB CAPS looks like.

Right inside JAMB CAPS, you can now check your o’level result(s) whether or not they are rightfully uploaded. Again, you can track your admission status. Immediately you hear of any news that JAMB has uploaded another list in your university, “quick fast”, you login to check JAMB CAPS to know what’s up. There is also provision for a “marketplace” in CAPS where you can see other universities who are looking for applicants or who have space for you if your university did not admit you.

How To Check

O’level Results Using JAMB CAPS

  1. Visit to
  2. Login with username which is your email and your jamb password.
  3. Scroll down to the end, click “check admission status”.
  4. Click “Access my CAPS”
  5. This will take you to CAPS Home page. If you are using a laptop, the options at the left pane will show you “My O’level”, but if you are using a phone, you have to click on the option button at the top of your browser for the options to come. Then you will see “My O’level”. Once clicked, your o’level result will display.

Olevel position in JAMB CAPS


How to Accept or Reject Admission in JAMB CAPs


The first place to know that you have been admitted is Jamb CAPS. One-two weeks later, the list with jamb goes back to your university from whence your university will publish. It is after your university have published its list and your name is reflected before you can do online and offline clearance. JAMB admission only is not enough to do clearance, you must wait for your name to appear in your university portal.

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