Now that post UTME results has been released, many persons now know their stand. Unfortunately, some persons are still having issues with awaiting results. For some, their NECO results are not out yet; to others, while WAEC has been released, their own was ceased; issues everywhere.

O’level Result and Admission

Well, let me first of all, address the issues of O’level result. Without O’level results, it is hard to gain admission into any Nigerian University. Even in previous years when admission is granted without critical review of O’level, you always forfeit such admission when you are unable to present a fulfilling result during verification. So by now, if you do not have a complete O’level result, start setting your mind on something alternative.

Those Going for Competitive Courses

The next issue here concerns those going for competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. These courses require high scores and only high performing students get them. Now, you have seen your performance. If it is poor, just advise yourself and calm down. Because even if you get especially Medicine, if you cannot perform well in year one, you will still find yourself in another Faculty in year 2 or 3.

Changed Courses

What if your course is changed? Well, it is hard to advise some persons whose parent wants only one particular course. And if the university management changes their chosen course of study, they reject it and write jamb again. Sometimes, the same thing is repeated. You keep on rejecting admission like small pikin wey dey reject akamu. That is not good. Ok see, I have many year one now whose courses were changed. They accepted the admission. But they wrote jamb again while they are already in year one. Now, they are expecting admission into their dream course. If this new admission works out fine for them, they leave the current course they accepted last year and start year one again this year. But if they are unable to get what they want, they quietly remain where they are.

Don’t Reject Any Course

The reason why you must not reject any admission given you is that you cannot really be sure if you will get what you want next year. I had a friend in 2009 whose father wanted Law. Nothing but law. She rejected admission for three years. In the fourth year, out of frustration, she accepted philosophy. So, you can see the length of waste of time – three good years. Person dey old dey go o! She graduated in 2017 from Philosophy. So, do not reject any admission. The only persons that we can understand their rejection are those who already have a degree and they are coming back for another degree in a particular course. Another set of persons are those who are already practicing but want to use a university degree to buttress their work. If these persons reject a different course offered to them, it is understandable. But no be you small pikin when just comot from mama belle come dey reject admission like wetin I no know.

What If Your Result Is Poor?

Lately, some persons saw their post utme results which is very poor and they have been down since then. Men! Result can humble person shall. See where year two students for dey see their year one result dey form instant humility! Chaie! Anyway, if your result is poor, there is nothing you can do now. Few things are likely to happen, if you do not qualify for your course, the admission office may grant you another course which you are qualified. This is just it. If this happen to you, accept the admission, then in year two, apply for a change of course if such window is open.

Admission Is By The Corner

Any moment from now, admission will be released but universities don’t release dates. Some persons have been calling to know the date the first batch will be released. Universities don’t really release dates in which admission will be released. Once they are ready, they just upload and you receive text message that you have been admitted with instructions on what to do next.

Batches of Admissions

Admissions are released in batches. There is first batch; the first batch is also called merit list. After the merit list, any other subsequent batch according to undisclosed sources are based on a VCs discretion. That is, since you are not qualified to be included in the merit list, our sources revealed that a VC of a university uses his discretion to select next best fit. That is why you can hear things like application for concessional admission where parents, teachers and sponsors appeal for admission based concession. Such concession does not really intrude into merit list since such merit list is highly sacrosanct.

After merit list, other batches are also released. Batches like merit list II, supplementary list I and II, Direct Entry list and so on. Different universities have their own way of naming these batches. Note however, that if your name is not in the merit list, it is ok. Don’t fret still. Second batch which is the Supplementary list is most times more enormous. Even third batch is also much. So first batch is out and your name never come out, don’t worry ok? God is on your side. Still be patient. You remember how the patient dog eats the fattest bone now?

The difference between the times one batch is released to another can take between one, two or three weeks. It all depends on the operations and the quickness of a particular university.

I will like to stop here until further issues comes up. Always ask your questions, they inform our next publications.

Admission Fraud/How Will You Know You Have Been Admitted

Over the years, we have come across students who were handling fake admission letters and they are not even aware. At the end of the day, when they come for clearance before they are faced with reality because when we attempt their clearance in the particular university website, the admission letter they are holding turns out to be fake. Please, know that if a university admit you, the university MAY send you a text message indicating you have been admitted. Not someone just giving you an admission letter that you have been admitted. Again, your university will also send you a website to check your admission status. You must use that website to check your admission status and if you see congratulations, it means you have been admitted. So, the story is between you and your university not between you and a third party.


Please, this information is published to guide applicants. If therefore, this information is offensive to you or you find it deceptive, endeavour to reach us via +2348060699054 or +2348050706635. We shall either take it down or adjust such part if after a review we found it to be so.

Michael O'Jules

Michael O'Jules

Vocational/Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria

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