The Vice Chancellor of the Niger Delta University, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo has approved that the NDU2DWorld concert which held on the 8th August, 2019 at the NDU Multipurpose Hall, Newsite is to be held annually every 12th December which is also the thanksgiving day for the management, staff and students of the Niger Delta University.

A Cross section of NDU Alumni

NDU VC, S. G. Edoumiekumo and DVC Academics

The Vice Chancellor who appeared to be “wowed” by the quality of the event he met immediately approved that the concert will continue annually to bring back personalities who were once rooted in the institution. The VC was delighted at the sight of students and alumni who filled the hall till there was no more space in the large multipurpose hall. In the voice of the VC,:


Paper Corleone

Ho. Albert Miebi

“Our products are not disappointing us. And in this university, you have already seen that we are making progress. But some of you graduated without having this type of environment. Within two years, we have transformed the environment. As you are seated here, we have the WiFi on now, if your WiFi is on, if you open it, you will see Astramix NDU. It is free for you. Every part of NDU, data is free now. For our brothers and sisters in the faculty of Law, if you get to that environment, the data is free. Our college, the data is free”.

Mr. & Mrs. Ogoniba

“And that is what we are doing now. You see the environment you are seated? We built this environment less than one year. Less than one year we completed this building, two hostels, Faculty of Arts with less than one year. And then, close to this type of auditorium, we have two. And so this university is moving forward”.

Mr. Onyema

“And I am also praying that you will move forward, so you will contribute to the university. So by the time you come back again… you know Sylvester, you are going to gather us again, starting from this December. By which time perhaps, you have made money. And you will donate. We want your donations. Haven said that, as a young man, I am with my amiable deputy vice chancellor administration that is here anchoring this programme with Sylvester, I want to plead with us to be law abiding, behave very well and enjoy your stay in this beautiful environment this evening. Thank you very much”.

Mr. & Mrs. Ekpulu Godspower

Mr. LaffSyrup Odumgele

What the VC said means that we are expecting another NDU2DWorld show 12th December, 2019. This time, we expect more alumni members as this event was star studded with artistes and personalities like Idyl, Hon. Miebi Albert, Godspower Ekpulu, Senibo, CrazyJenkins, Walter Sax amongst others. We also noticed the presence of the NDU Alumni president who happened to be absent when the show started properly.

Crazy Jenkins

The alumni body and the NDU students at various points of the occasion were filled with appreciation for the VC Chancellor for allowing this programme to take place. This may be due in part to the fact that for up to a decade now, the NDU no longer allow events which holds deep into the night. The vibrant VC is also seen as supportive by many as most of the artists, personalities present and students often thank the VC throughout the event.

We look forward to December 12th, 2019. We are very sure that oga VC will not withdraw his promise. You know you cannot even promise students something and withdraw it, how can you have rest of mind? Thank you VC, thank you alumni, thank you NDU students and above all, thank you MC Monica.

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