During the course of pursuing your admission, there are various mistakes applicants makes unknowing to them that they are actually doing the wrong thing. In this publication, we shall expose you to some of these minor mistakes. For now, while many are reading hard to get good scores, some others are looking for back doors to get to heaven. Meanwhile, the backdoor leading to heaven is filled with fraudsters and criminals. Let us now take a purview of the following issues at hand:


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1. Late coming to Exam Venue: Many applicants prefer to come from Port Harcourt on the same day of the examination. This, although not totally bad, but MAY portend elements of bad luck to some. The reason is that what if there is an emergency that morning? You say God forbid right? You don’t have to believe that God forbid, because if God really forbids, no one will die. So, God allows some things to happen. Instead of coming in that morning, it is wiser to come earlier, stay overnight, cool your brain and pour out what you have the next day. In all examinations, even within current students, it is not usually cool to know that you have an exam by 9:00am, then you just run there by 9:10am, exams have started, you begin panting like armed robber being pursued by the police. At the end now, you forgot the things you have read.

Well, if you are in Yenagoa and environs where within 30 minutes you are here already, that may be better. But for those outside the state where more time will be spent to get here, such is not recommended. Lagos students often come a day before and they get here as from 5:00pm upward. We have received post utme applicants from Lagos around 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm and even 10:00pm. It all depends on where they are coming from in Lagos. If you are in Amassoma early, it will help you settle down before your exam starts. If you are looking for where to stay overnight for the post UTME, Click Here

2. Lamenting your Predicament on Social Media: This is one of the worse situation that can happen to an admission applicant. You see? There are many fraudsters online, and sometimes, they even make post on how to work your admission with money but we always take all those post down. We know that they are fraudsters so that you don’t see them and are tempted to patronize them. So, these information are meant to arm you against possible fraudsters. You see? The fraudster knows how to get you. They know you are agitated and will do anything. So, they will make plenty promises for you that they cannot offer. They will even tell you they sit together with the VC. Mumu like you, in your mind, you have seen the savior. They will chop your money and run away. So, in all these, do not make that mistake of lamenting your predicament on facebook, whatsapp or any other media. Find your way to the NDU admission office to make credible inquiry. They will give you all the necessary info you need. Someone called me to ask if her “Pass” in WAEC will be accepted in NDU. Imagine if he asked a fraudster that question, you have just landed yourself in trouble. They know it is not possible, but they also know that now you are disadvantaged, you will do anything to pass through backdoor. So, they will promise you that they can do it. Whereas, nothing like that. So, do not complain; your cut off mark is not up to 160, beat it. Your o’level is having issues, beat it. You are having one challenge or the other that will make admission this year impossible, beat it and try again. Complaining online instead of making credible inquiries in the admission office will only put you in trouble and in the mumu arena. Sure you know say if mugu fall, guy man go chop? So, do not make yourself that mugu. Wise up!

3. Not Following instructions: I believe some students did not get admission last session because they did not follow certain instructions. Some did not re-upload their o’level after the wide publication we did. Some others who were granted admission did not accept their admission in CAPS and in due course, Jamb took such inactions as they weren’t interested in the admission and the admission were retrieved. They later got to know when they wanted to process Jamb admission letter, only to see “you have not been granted admission”. So, any info you are given as an admission seeker, you just do it, provided it is from Jamb or the University admitting you. The current instruction is “go and upload your o’level”.

4. Lacking Adequate Information: Some students do not come online often and so, they lack all these necessary and helpful info. Some, their phones were stolen, so they were unable to get credible information. Some were admitted but because they are not getting credible info and they are not the agitating type who always pursues info, they did not even bother to continuously check their admission status. So, many did not accept their admission as a result of lack of awareness. You must keep on checking until you hear that the admission is over.

Note: If you make errors in your post UTME application form, please, come to the NDU a week before the exam week to make all such corrections. During the exam week, the ICT officials will be too busy to attend to you.

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Buy Post UTME Past Questions and Answers


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