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All You Need To Know About The Jamb Re-upload

Within the past few weeks, the news of O’level re-upload by jambites has rented the air. Many Jambites are now asking what is the re-upload all about. Well, it may be true that you must have uploaded your result during jamb registration. But the truth however, remains that many of those uploads never really went through. Last year, even those who went for re-upload for the first time, after being assured that the result has been uploaded, when admission later became and issue as was asked to go back to the CBT to reconfirm, information that reached us indicated that the first upload was not successful.

Consequently, we were urging all our wards to ensure that they sit close to the CBT operator and see the message from Jamb website themselves indicating that the upload was successful. That was how it went and that is what you must do this year because per adventure your result is not online, it means NO admission.

This upload is even more important for those using awaiting result because they did not upload any result during their jamb application or they must have uploaded incomplete result.

What is O’level Result?

O’level result is Ordinary Level result which refers to your secondary school certificate. It may be WAEC, NECO, WAEC/NECO GCE or any of its equivalents.

How Do I Re-Upload My O’level Result (What is Result Re-upload Mean?)

Well, to re-upload your o’level result, you must go to the CBT. You cannot really upload you result yourself since you cannot access the admin portal of jamb. You can only login to your profile but cannot upload your o’level result.

What Do I Need To Upload My O’level Result?

The only thing you need is your profile code. You will not need your email nor password. This is because the CBT personnel just insert your profile code and the portal to upload your result pops up. The next thing you need is the result you want to upload. If you are uploading two results, then you must take both along

How Much To Upload O’level Result?

Well, the cost of uploading depends on the CBT and location. Here in Amassoma, the CBT personnel takes N500 only. However, if you have uploaded already, to check is just N100. When you are going to upload and you are sure you have uploaded before, please, tell them you just want to confirm. Once it is there, you pay for only checking, if not, you just upload and pay for uploading. Remember, you must ask to see the system and see the message from jamb indicating that you have uploaded successfully.

Who Should Go For Jamb O’level Result Re-Upload?

Every applicant in the 2019/2020 session. Last year, we could not really ascertain what happened. Whether one person system crashed, we don’t know. We just heard that everyone should go and re-upload. Those who already uploaded did not go. It was after the they found that admission was not coming that they went to re-upload. Alas! Their result wasn’t there before. So, if you want admission this year, even when you have uploaded, you must go to the nearest CBT centre and confirm it.

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