Numerous café owners, applicants and parents across the nation are suffering from inability to complete the Niger Delta University (NDU) Post UTME Application. Some only read that post UTME form is N2,000 in the school’s bulletin but were not aware that another charge (system charge of N1,500) will emerge. Hence, after filling their o’level details, another charge came up, they thought it was the previous charges that was not successful. They remained there until they got the right information

On the other hand, there are those who paid the N2,000 (actually N2,080) but the portal did not accept the payment. They are stalk and do not know what to do. We have been receiving information from all states of the federation that it has become expedient to tackle the issue with the Niger Delta University Post UTME Application in one publication.

Questions people ask about Niger Delta University Post UTME Application

  1. I have completed my form but no passport: Is there any problem with that?
  2. I was unable to print out my form. How do I solve that?
  3. I paid N2,080 successfully, debited but the portal did not accept the payment. What can I do?
  4. I have paid, filled my o’level but the portal requested for another payment, why?
  5. Students also asked for Post UTME time, date, seat number, venue, etc, but all that has been treated HERE

How to Process Niger Delta University Post UTME Application

The above questions and many more are what NDU Post UTME applicants are asking. However, for a stress free application, follow these normal processes and additional technicalities.

  1. Login to
  2. Click the first apply that tally with undergraduate
  3. In the next page, insert you jamb no. and score correctly. Technicalities: If you see error here, it might be that you/the applicant did not choose NDU as first choice. If so, then apply for a change of institution and reattempt after one week. If however, the applicant chose NDU originally, then confirm the jamb number and score. Do this by attempting to reprint the jamb result from jamb website ( . If the details are correct, please, visit the NDU Teesoft ICT office in main campus for complaints or if you are far away, contact us for assistance (WhatsApp 08050706635)
  4. If you are able to login successfully, on the next page, confirm the details shown from jamb, if correct, click ok to proceed. If details are not correct but they are yours, you cannot do anything here. Go back to jamb to do all such corrections. Cafes can handle most of such errors. If however, the details are not yours at all, please, visit jamb office directly.
  5. If you passed the page above, on the next page, enter your phone number and email address and click ok. There is usually no issues in this stage.
  6. On the next page, fill in your date of birth in the following order – AUG 15 2000 or as stated in watermarks in the tab on the portal. Enter your marital status and home address. Click next. Please, take note that if you use small letters, the portal will not accept your entries.
  7. Here is where you will make the initial payment. Click “make payments” to proceed to VoguePay to pay N2,080. As you are paying, there is a transaction ID by the side of the payment pane. Please, to avoid wahala, copy it and paste it in a word document and come back. This is because most times, immediately you have been debited, the portal may not take you to the next page where you are supposed to enter your result details. If this happens to you, start the process over again. Immediately you enter the jamb number and score, it will take you to where to make payment again. Do not pay again. look downward a bit, you will see a tab under the “make payments, paste the transaction ID there. Click confirm/verify. It will verify and take you to the next page. If it does not, you will have to reach the Teesoft office. Or maybe it is a network problem. Because if Teesoft hasn’t received your money, they cannot approve it. Your bank will have to be consulted.
  8. Once you are able to pass this stage, fill in your o’level details, and click confirm. This will take you to another page to make payments again. This next payment is not for the post utme application form, it is however, for system charge which was ably stated in the homepage of nduscreening.
  9. Follow the same process you used to make the first payment. Remember to copy your transaction ID as you are paying. Once successful, you will be asked to verify your o’level details and proceed. In the next page, you will see where to view and print your post utme application form.
  10. Please, keep this form well, during your year one clearance, it is one of the documents required to open your Faculty file. If you lost it, by then, the postal is closed and you will pay money to the Teesoft office to re-print it for you.
  11. If you had ignorantly paid twice without resolving the first payment, getting the first money back will be difficult. Nevertheless, the next step is to beseech the Teesoft ICT office to recover your money. Because under this Buhari administration, money should not be lost like that.


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