• What are the requirements to enter the exam/screening hall?
  • What will be allowed inside NDU post UTME screening examination hall? Will they allow mobile phones?
  • At what time will the post UTME exam starts?
  • Location of the NDU screening/examination centre
  • How much is NDU post UTME application form?
  • How much is the transportation fare to Niger Delta University?
  • How many questions will NDU set in the 2019/2020 post UTME?
  • What is the time allocation for NDU 2019/2020 post UTME screening?
  • After post UTME, how long will it take to start admission?
  • What is my jamb login details, (username and password)?
  • How can I retrieve/get my jamb username and password back?
Michael O'Jules

Michael O'Jules

Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria

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To start with 160 as the cut off mark for the Niger Delta University for the 2019/2020 academic session will now amount to a cliché. If by now, you are not aware that the cutoff mark for NDU for this 2019 Post UTME is 160, that means something was about passing you. But thank God you saw this. What this means is that even if you scored 159.90, you cannot register for the NDU post UTME. Do not allow anyone to promise you. They will defraud you. By now, you should be thinking of taking the NDU Predegree programme.

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What is The Niger Delta University Post UTME Cutoff Mark for 2019/2020? (160)

When will NDU stop their Post UTME Application? 10th August, 2019

What are The Requirements to Enter the Exam/Screening Hall?

To write the NDU post UTME examination, the requirements to enter the screening hall is basically your post UTME form.

 Sample of NDU Post UTME Screening Form

 Sample of NDU Post UTME Screening Timetable

When you registered for the post UTME, a two paged form was given to you. Present that form when you get to the exam hall. In previous exams, some students thought Age declaration, Local government of origin, Jamb result, etc. will be used to enter the hall. But in line with what we told them before the exam date, only the application form was requested for. Immediately you get to the venue, you will be requested to login with your jamb number, once the system accepts your entry, you are good to go. No further protocol.

Before now, students who did change of institutions would present their change of institution slip as a confirmation that they really did such change. But all that is now gone for good as the system now works in real time. This is because the NDU already knew you did change of institution before you applied for the post UTME. If NDU had not acknowledged that, you would have been unable to register with nduscreening.

Bottom line: Even though you are using only the screening form, just carry all your documents follow body. I no dey for my yam no done.

What Will Be Allowed Inside NDU Post UTME Screening Examination Hall? Will They Allow Mobile Phones?

The Niger Delta University does not allow anything inside the exam hall. The only thing you need to use is computer mouse, and of course mouse are provided inside the hall. No biros, no pencils, no phones, no notebooks, just your brain and hands. Some applicants who came with phones last year paid some persons outside who got automatic jobs money to hold their phones.

Note: Stealing is very strong during Post UTME time. Please, if you lodged in Amassoma before going to the hall, please, leave your phones in the lodge before going to the venue. If coming from Yenagoa and environs and you do not know anyone in the venue or in Amassoma in general, please, leave your phones at home. We may request you to come to the office to pay N200 and go and write your exam, then come back to get it if we receive such application from jambites during the exam. Accordingly, it will be beneficial for you to take our contacts from the support page for any possible assistance in such direction.

Does Niger Delta University Accept Second Choice for the 2019/2020 Post UTME? NO!

At What Time Will the Post UTME Exam Starts?

We have already treated this issue in our previous publications. Although your Post UTME form will not carry time, be informed that all time starts at 8:00am. So, if you are far away, you must be in Amassoma a night before your exam date. For accommodation arrangements, please, visit our support page HERE

Location of the NDU Screening/Examination Centre (Where Will NDU Post UTME Applicants Write Their Exams?)

Since the exams are now Computer-Based, all post UTME screening exercise now takes place at the NDU CBT Centre, Newsite. Before the post UTME time, we shall create a map directing all applicants from afar coming for their very first time to the location. NDU CBT centre is located in Newsite. This is the first campus as you enter Amassoma, immediately after Ogobiri. So, if you are a newcomer, immediately you enter Amassoma vehicle from Tombia Junction, just tell the driver you want to stop at Newsite. They will drop you at Newsite gate. Then, come down and trek past the gate. Keke men are positioned inside the gate. They will take you to the venue. It is a trekkable distance but to avoid waste of time, you just have to take keke for N50 and know it first. Subsequently, you can start your trekking ministry. For now, manage the map below

How Much is NDU Post UTME Application Form? (N2,000 for Form; N1,500 for System Charge; and N2,000 for Hidden and Café Charges)

How Much is the Transportation Fare to Niger Delta University?

The transportation fare to Amassoma depends on your location. At best, go to the nearest park to you over there and ask how much they charge to Bayelsa State. Once you know that cost, that should be the only thing to worry about. This is because all vehicles coming to Bayelsa stops at Tombia junction. From Tombia junction to Amassoma is just N100 for coastal bus, N200 for small bus and N300 for cars.

However, from Port Harcourt to Bayelsa ranges from N500 – N1,200. From Warri to Bayelsa is between N800-N1,000. So, if your location is farther, just use this existing cost to prepare yourself.

I have nobody to provide me with accommodation during my exam… Contact our support lines on the menu above. We provide both hotel accommodations and students’ accommodations. Student’s accommodations means you will pay N1,000/N1,500 and we place you in student’s homes that have space to accommodate visiting post utme applicants. It is safe and reliable as all students we use were once beneficiaries of this scheme and we know all of them from academic credentials to personal details.

 How Many Questions Will NDU Set in the 2019/2020 Post UTME?

Last year (2018/2019 session), the questions post utme applicants answered were 40 with 10 questions for each subject. However, you must have known this if you had bought the past questions. Please, do that now! Past questions have been saving lives like gala since 1789 AD. Lols. Visit How to Get Niger Delta University Past Questions to purchase yours either in soft or hard copy.

What is the Time Allocation for NDU 2019/2020 Post UTME Screening?

Many applicants seemed to be confused about the timing of their exams. Maybe they were expecting three hours. Who knows! Nevertheless, what happened was that the exam lasted for only 25 minutes for the 40 Obj questions. Notwithstanding, we cannot say this year will remain the same, but what we do know is that there may be several similarities somehow.

After Post UTME, How Long will it Take to Start Admission? (Sizably 2-3 Weeks)

Please, be informed that everything published here is based on previous occurrences. Consequently, there might be disparities with what happens this year. Nevertheless, all such ambiguities are within the ambit of previous occurrences.

Last year, by the final week of September, post UTME exams were already concluded. However, the portal was reopened again for supplementary application on October 4th. According to our Yearly Report for 2018, the supplementary post UTME was to allow only candidates who chose NDU as first choice but were not aware that the form had been on sale and also closed. It was also intended for those who would change their institutions to NDU as their first choice.

After the supplementary application, it was not up to a week before admission started reeling in. This means that between the first post UTME screening and the first admission batch, it took within one month interval for admission to come out. So, after you write this 2019/2020 screening exam, you are required to wait for a month before admission will come. However, with the level of administrative understanding of the current VC (that guy dey do things well well o. He just understands administration too much. He pursues the academic calendar like police and armed robber), it is possible that admission will come out within 2-3 weeks. The delay in the admission is due to the fact that the Universities have to send names to JAMB for ratification. After verification of eligibility, jamb uploads and resend back to the universities upon which you will hear that school have released admission. All universities do not released batches at the same time. They operate at their own time but often guided by JAMB admission framework

What is my JAMB Login Details, (Username and Password)?

By now, many applicants are not aware that they will be doing all night in JAMB website checking admission status. And the only thing to make this all night possible is your login details. Unfortunately, many applicants do not know their login details. To get your JAMB login details, check for the email you used to register your jamb in your JAMB application form. The email is located in your form together with the number you used. The phone number is supposed to be your jamb password but most café persons do not use that. They use a different password. So, please, if you do not know your jamb password, kindly meet the person that registered you in jamb and request for your jamb password.

How Can I Retrieve/Get My Jamb Username and Password Back?

If you forgot your JAMB password, take the following steps to retrieve it.

Step 1: Login to https://jamb.org.ng/eFacility/Home

Step 2: Find “forgot password?” and click it.

Step 3: Insert your jamb email that is displaying on your jamb form, enter your date of birth used in jamb and send. If you enter wrong details, it will not work.

Step 4: Login to your email, Jamb already sent a mail to you. Inside the mail, locate a link for password reset.

Step 4: In the new page that the password reset link will take you to, insert new password twice and send.

Step 5: You are already in your jamb profile and all is well. Once admission starts, just find CAPS in your profile and check for your admission status.

For more details, please contact our support page.

Michael O’Jules; Site Admin and Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria

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