As a host to the only state owned University, Amassoma is in need of investments in various aspects of human endeavours. As students’ infested community, it is surprising that many businesses are not operating in Amassoma, therefore, students have to go to Yenagoa to get several services. Some of these investments are listed below in order of importance both to the investors and students.

  1. Banks: Currently, only Access bank operates in Amassoma. This causes a whole lot of gridlock especially when certain fees are being made. All thanks to the 5-star Vice Chancellor who now made school fees payments online. Nevertheless, the need for more banks to come to Amassoma and operates is still exigent. The shortfall in the availability of banks has made POS businesses operated lucratively for the past few years. We are therefore, calling on bank managers to make inquiries/investigations about the community and to collaborate with the school management and community leaders to see how more banks can come in to Amassoma. One bank is not enough for the community. However, when planning coming to Amassoma, Banks should avoid areas that is too close to the waterside. Managers must make inquiries on the need to avoid waterside locations.
  2. Hotels: The truth is that there is lack of hotels is Amassoma. As it stands, Keytop Hotel is the only dependable hotel in Amassoma. It is unbelievable that a big community now hosting a University is having just one hotel. This is incredulous but unfortunately the truth on ground. Investors should understand that aside students, hundreds of visitors comes to the University often and when they do not get a reasonable hotel to stay, they go back to Yenagoa to find good hotels. Therefore, an investment in hotel business will be very lucrative in Amassoma.
  3. Hostels: In two of our previous publications (preliminary and main papers), we have made salient points on the need for more hostels accommodations in Amassoma. Therefore, without much ado, we refer you to the two publications: and
  4. Swimming Pools: Another lucrative idea that investors can set their eye on is swimming pool. This can even go together with the hotel plan. Many freshers, even before they start as year one after they are granted admission, one basic question they often ask is the nature of recreational activities in Amassoma. They often ask of fast food joints, beer parlours and most importantly, swimming pools. When they are told this does not exists n Amassoma, they are easily upset. I believe that if investors make these facilities available, students will patronize because of birthday parties, and other students’ parties activities.


Investing in the above endeavours will be very lucrative as Amassoma is a students’ environment. Any endeavour that is attractive that is tested in a student environment is always successful. This is even better as more activities are being schemed out by management and students’ body that increases business activities.

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