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NDU Final Year Online Clearance: Steps and Total Cost


The following are the expected cost and processes involved in the final year students’ clearance across all Faculties and programmes. Note however, that costs differs from Faculties to Faculties.  For example, the Faculty of Education have 6 Heads of Departments and all these Heads of Departments have to sign the clearance form.


Meanwhile, Faculty of Law have only 1 Department and only one head of department will sign. Since each HOD takes approximately N3,000 for two realm of A4 papers to sign, this means that Law students will spend just N3,000 while Education students will pay N18,000 to sign. So, these are the expected differentials in the clearance process.

How to Process Your Niger Delta University Transcript

Actual Cost

Below are the actual cost of students’ final year clearance in the Niger Delta University (Faculty of _ _ _ as a case study. This Faculty have 6 departments).

  1. HOD’s signing N3,000 x 6 = N18,000 (May vary)
  2. Dean signing N6,000 (May vary)
  3. Library signing N2,000
  4. Hostel signing N1,000
  5. Security signing N1,500
  6. Health N1,500
  7. Sports N1,000
  8. Alumni N5,000 (N3,000 for receipt and N2,000 for processing)
  9. Convocation and Certificate N22,000 (N19,500 for actual payments and N2,50 for processing)
  10. Verification of result N2,000 (if the result is one, you pay N1,000)

Process Niger Delta University Original Certificate

Total: 60,000

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