How to Gain Admission into the Niger Delta University

To gain admission into the Niger Delta University, there are several requirements needed, depending on the programme applied for. First here are jambites seeking admission into year one. For each programme of study, there are requisite demands for such programmes. The following will discuss the various programmes and their requirements:

How to Gain Admission into the Niger Delta University through JAMB

For students using through JAMB admission to gain entry into their choice universities, they will need their o’level results, that is, WAEC, NECO, or its equivalent. Additionally, they must have up to five credits in their results. Each course requires several subject combinations to be admitted. That is for medicine, you will be required to have maths, English, biology, physics and chemistry as the prime five subjects. Then in your JAMB/UTME examination, you have to score a minimum of 160 (160 is the cutoff mark for jambites) and above.

Note however, that even though 160 is the general cut off mark, departments have their won cutoffs which regulate the admission of students. For Medicine, the minimum score is a 200. Even though 200 is very low, it serves as the minimum benchmark for admission.

How to Gain Admission into the Niger Delta University through Direct Entry

Direct entry students are not like jambites. They do not need to write jamb. This is because they already have a certification. So, they only need their o’level results and the result from their first study. May be degree, diploma, NCE, OND, etc. Once these papers are ready, then, you are good to go.

How to Gain Admission into the Niger Delta University through Predegree

Predegree admission in Niger Delta University is very easy. All you need to do is have your o’level results and a passport, then apply. Note that all applicants who applies for the Niger Delta University predegree programme get admitted to study in the Predegree. Unless, otherwise, such applicant abort mission for reasons best known to him/her. Also note that during the predegree programme, predegree students must apply for Jamb Direct Entry application to enable them get admission into year two in the upcoming admission.

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How to Gain Post Graduate Admission into the Niger Delta University

Post Graduate admission into the Niger Delta University follows normal procedure. The registration portal is www.nduscreening .com while a payment of N30,000 is to be made in The basic requirements for post graduate studies in the Niger Delta University are the o’level result, first degree result and NYSC discharge certificate. Other requirements are secondary.

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