There are various types of websites in the Niger Delta University with various functions. Most times, when students are asked their login details in eface, they supply ndufees login details, and this is a whole big challenge for café owners and other users of students’ login info.

Accordingly, this publication is intended to explain the various websites utilized by the Niger Delta University and their various functions to enable students know the differences.

1. This is perhaps, the official website of the University. This website, without any specific task serves as information source for the University. It is the first point of contact for information seekers about the University.

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2. This is one of the most visited (if not the most visited) portal in NDU. Ndufees is responsible for all fees collection for the University. All fees ranging from school fees, hostel fees, skill acquisition, x-ray, course enrolment, transfer, transcript, statement of result amongst other fees are paid in this portal which will issue an original receipt upon acknowledgement of payments. Students are to ensure that their emails which they used as usernames and their passwords (only students knows what they used as passwords) are kept safe for reuse.

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3. Eface is responsible for course enrollment and result checking. All payments and pin generation are made in the ndufees portal, from whence you will be required for forward to eface to validate and complete your course enrollment registration. However, the eface do charge payment for result checking (N220 per semester) and password update. Students should understand that their login details in eface enables them to check their results and process course enrollment. All students’ login details is their jamb or matriculation number, while only them can know what they used as password.

4. This portal takes care of all biodata registration and skill acquisition processing and payments. Although the skill acquisition e-teller is processed at ndufees, the real payments of N5,720 is paid in this website. The website also charges N208 for biodata processing.

5. This portal is responsible for hostel application. Students, after completing their biodata registration, process e-pin for the hostel. Upon successful completion of processing, the applicant is required to go back to ndufees to pay for hostel charge of N15,000 or N17,000, then return to hostel portal to complete the process. Once the hostel portal hand-shake ndufees and confirm that the applicant has made such payments, allocation is automatically done immediately.

How to process Niger Delta University Hostel Accommodation

6. Of all the Niger Delta University websites, this is at least, the one that concerns post utme applicants the most. Nduscreening is used for post utme application for jambites and direct entry students. It also functions for the registration of part time and post graduate applicants. Simply put, nduscreening is the ndu arm of the University that is friend to the newcomers. The portal is however, not friendly again when it comes to money as it charges N2,000 for post utme processing and N1,500 for system charge along with approximately N200 for hidden charges.

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7. This portal takes care of all postgraduate clearance in Niger Delta University. All admitted post graduate students are to visit this portal for all their clearance work.

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8. This is the third website (ndufees should be the second after nduscreening) the freshers are to interface with upon admission. This portal takes care of checking of admission, processing of admission, paying and printing of clearance acknowledgement slip and downloading of Niger Delta University admission letter.

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9. This portal takes care of student’s transfer needs. In year two, students are allowed to transfer to their dream course if they were granted a different course in year one. In doing this, students are to process transfer receipt as usual in ndufees and come to transfer portal to use the receipt info to process their transfer form.

10. This portal is an extension of Most information contained in are extended to It is that carries full information for the University official website.

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