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Many Niger Delta University Post UTME applicants who must have completed their registration without seeing any time and seat number may be wondering how they will go about their examinations. Truly, it can be confusing when you don’t have the right information. But don’t worry, we got your back covered.

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NDU 2019/2020 Post UTME Time

All Post UTME time starts at 7:00am. This indicates that you must be there before 7:00am. Nevertheless, exams spans through the noon hours. This is to say that once the exam starts at 7-8:00am, it will continue till the afternoon. However, once your time ends in the computer, you are logged out and another person takes your computer. So, check your time. Once your time is remaining 5 minutes, please, always be conscious. If you do not submit, you will score 0 (although it has been reported that the computer can automatically submit for you). So, please, be conscious (Please note that the NDU has stated that the 2020 Post UTME will be online).

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NDU 2019/2020 Post UTME Date (August 14th through August 20th, 2019)

If you have processed your post UTME application, please, refer to the timetable in page 2 of your application form. There, the date you are to write your examination is stated. However, you will not be seeing individual courses listed, rather, you will see the Faculty although with few courses stated independently. Therefore, if you are going for Geology, look for Faculty of Science. If you are going for Banking and Finance, look for Faculty of Management Science. To know the Faculty where your programme falls under, please, refer here

NDU 2018/2019 Post UTME Venue (ICT Centre, Newsite)

To locate the ICT centre is not difficult. Once you get to Tombia junction, you will need to take another vehicle coming to Amassoma. Just tell the Amassoma driver that you will stop at Newsite. Once there, just trek inside the gate. If there are keke there, tell them you are going to the ICT centre. Anyways, on that day, many applicants will be there, so, you just have to follow the crowd without much ado (if the 2020/2021 Post UTME exam is online, this venue will no longer matter).

See map below

NDU Updated Past Questions and Answers

NDU Updated Past Questions and Answers

Call 08050706635 or WhasApp 08050706635

Niger Delta University 2019/2020 Post UTME Seat Number

Well, here it is. Over the years, the NDU Post UTME form don’t really carry seat number. Before now, when the exam was manual-based, you queue up in the school gate and the staff positioned there look at your form number and tell you your venue and your seat number inside the venue.

Overnight, staff had gone around attaching numbers to all the seats to be used. Then, the exam used to be just one day, you missed it, it is gone.

However, currently, with the introduction of the CBT exam in the writing of Post UTME examinations, you have nothing to worry about again. Look at the beginning of the rectangle box at the top of your application form, there are letters and digits like “Appl. No: NDU-19-000101”. Have you seen it? Good, that is your basic identification number for now. But on exam day, the officers there will use your jamb number to check you in. please, note that everything in NDU now is computer-based. Hence, if you haven’t registered for the Post UTME, the system cannot log you in. However, once you are logged in, you then have to start ticking. You are on your own. You wait for no one as no one waits for you. Once time up… phew! Computer logs you out.

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